Sharing a few pics.....

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  1. Well today is nice and I just finished a bunch of work to the car. Figured I would pic whore it out a bit since there hasnt been much activity here, there is also an idle video included with the cutout open. So far here is whats done.
    BoPort 1.9, roller conversion, hi rev springs, ported head. Knife Edged Lower, Gutted upper. TurboCoupe Intercooler, Ported E6 manifold, flowmaster 1 chambers and a cutout after the dp for race days.(I like the sound of the Flowmasters, they just dont flow well), Compressor Bypass valve(Bosch), Manual Boost Controller currently set at 12psi, cone filter on vam, egr removed, cut off intake, welded and smoothed. I have a 60mm throttle body for it just havent installed it yet. Next step will be 72lb injectors and a piggyback for the computer, most likely a quarterhorse. Next month it is road tripping to Pittsburgh to a buddy of mine to be stripped down to bare metal and completely restored. :nice:

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