Shaved Door Handles

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  1. Well the cobra goes to the body shop on the 1st of the month. The insure. company didn't total the cobra they are saying that is fixable, So I got them chasing oem parts down for me. Well I'm going to have them shave the door handles, I just want to know where to go to get a good kit? Any one know where to get them from? thanks
  2. your gonna shave the handels on the COBRA!!! :jaw: noooo...leave it stock!!! then again its your car, not mine lol :nice:
  3. I just like the look. I since it on a other cobra and it looked grreeeaaattt!!! Its not really mine its my brothers, it what he wanted. I'm just looking for the kit, I find one on summit racing. I don't know if it well work or what?
  4. just make sure the pound of the pull is a high number.
  5. it said 30-40 lbs, is that good or do i need more? the kit is 160 bucks
  6. i shaved my door handles on my 89 stang about 4-5 years ago. i cant remember what kit it was but it was the cheapest one i could find. it worked perfect for about2 years then i sold the car. you should be good with any kit really. our doors arent really that heavy. if i were you i would put an emergency hidden cable just in case. in my case i just climed through the hatch when my battery went dead.....:rlaugh:
  7. ur brother wanted it done then do it:nice: i can see doing that for that reason. i think it will look good but its just not my cup of tea for the mustangs.
  8. ^ exactly :D
  9. I am thinking about shaving all the locks off but leaving the door handles (off the hatch as well). The locks are what the criminals are breaking off these days. If the battery dies I will just be SOL. I will figure out a way to jump another battery onto it.
  10. heres my notch, i bought it as a roller and the guy already shaved the doors , locks and trunk, its pretty cool. makes it look clean.

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  11. Pauly did you delete the trim that goes on the door ??

    i would not personally shave a cobra's door handles you want that to look like it came off the factory floor.

    But do what ever makes you happy you own the car for enjoyment.
  12. when I bough my 93 the previous owner had already shaved the door handles. I like it but if your battery dies then u have to get it through the trunk lol
  13. wow looks like your on a string of bad luck.

    P.S nice escort buddy :nice:
  14. for a trailer queen or just a rarely driven show car shaved door handles are cool. For a daily driver I think they suck. I say keep the handles anyways, but it's ur bro's decision

  15. Yea it all happened in 3 days. When I went to get the 91 gt my truck craped on me. Working on getting the 91 gt off the truck back home some one hit me. Get the cobra out and a lady a holes me. Getting the clone up, it dosen't start or stay running. So my buddy lets me drive his daily driver so I can go back to base. And he drives his 91 syclone for a daily driver. Hes a real friend.

    Cobra goes to body shop on the 1st of april.
    cobra clone goes to shop on monday
    91 gt goes in shop after cobra gets back
    finding a 300, 6 for the truck.
    bills are going to be really big next month!!
  16. SPal makes a decent kit. although I have begun to hate mine..... gotta watch how you park so your doors dont hit the car next to you when you hit the button too soon IE: before you are there to catch it....
    they are about $90 on e-bay... 200 on their website.
  17. I shaved my truck lid (no more emblem and lock cylinder, and i shaved the passenger side lock cylinder. Looks pretty clean now. I just gotta finish up the body work and get her painted. Pics will be up this summer and hopefully finished.
  18. buy AUTOLOC kits
  19. Shaved door handles on a 93 Cobra??? :( :nonono:
  20. Just keep in mind, you can't slim jim the door when your batt is dead, you can unlock it, but you can't open it. I would do some research and find an alternate source for entry just in case you battery does die.

    :OT: S&B The vid in your sig.... not exactly what I was expecting.