shaved handles

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  1. Anyone know where i can find information on this. I think it would be cool. What would i all need. How much does it cost. and how do you fill in the handle indents. Thanks
  2. Don't know tooo much on the subject but I know summit has a kit that costs about 150 that supposedly contains everything you need such as the door "poppers", solenoids and remote. As far as i know, to fill in where the door handles were you need to weld up a piece of sheet metal where the hole is then use a body filler and sand it down, repaint, ect...
  3. just make sure yur batt dont go dead
  4. Also this can be a pain durring winter if it gets cold where you are at. Doors do tend to freeze. Its not hard to do. Just having sombody repaint your whole door is the bad thing.
  5. Plus mustang doors are pretty heavy compared to imports. Which a lot of the kits are made for. So make sure you get some poppers that can support our heavy doors...
  6. Plus if you ever go to the track to race they may not let you race because you have shaved door handles. Just something to think about.

  7. is that cuase they wouldn't be able to get in the car in case of an accident?
  8. correct.
  9. For about 30 bucks more you can get more powerful poppers but like said above, the ice may cause a prob even with those installed.