Engine She Started Right Up! Vids

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  1. Alternator needs to be hooked up. Your running on battery voltage. 2 volts should make all the difference on a efi motor. 14+ volts with alternator 12 volts battery alone.
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  2. It's been hooked up now and radiator I think it's been shutting off because I'm on fumes no gas. I'm happy it started up like that right away. Even surprised my friend being I had no timing light and it started first try. Sounds gnarly and open long tube sounds so much louder than I was expecting

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  3. Yeah open headers are awesome. I ran my car for about 2 weeks like that. After my flow masters went back on it was noticeable slower. The bright orange flash at night time while redline shifting was also pretty neat.
  4. I have race design exhaust and ditched the flows they are the Spintech super Pro Streets and Mac Prochamber
    It still will be really loud.
    Yeah that looks sick the flame lol

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  5. Yeah i ran my bassani long tubes and x pipe and it was loud especially on a cold start
  6. I haven't even Rev the car yet and it's crazy loud so I can imagine driving it. Some reason the left header is angle different so it's hard for it to meet the Prochamber so I'll let an exhaust shop fool with it

    I bet you turned heads at stop lights huh lol

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  7. Well that and the fact that i was driving around with no wondshield or hood... pretty sure it was the exhaust though ;) @5point0stang88
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