sheet metal upper intakes

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Jerry Leaming, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Is anybody using a sheetmetal upper intake with there combos.
    I looking for something that can handle a 393 stroker engine and 6500 rpm shift points. I cant seem to find any pics of anybodies efi upper intakes :shrug: .

    Ive heard good things about the Hogan upper. Also recently heard that a guy changed out his trick flow r unit over to a hogan and gained 40 RWHP.....
    This was a very similiar combo to mine :nice: .
    Any got any pics or know where a can see some of diffrent efi upper intakes?

    thanks :banana:
  2. Well, for a 6500 rpm shift point I wouldn't think you would need a sheetmetal upper. It's just not a high enough rpm.
    I don't know of any uppers that are made of sheetmetal, but I have seen the Vortech, and Reichard racing uppers for a Trickflow R lower. They seemed to fair quite well. But I think they took that motor over 7000rpms. I may be wrong, it is a bit late.
    Plus this may keep you near the top of the list. :shrug:
  3. what about an elbow if you dont want runners?

  4. Check out Holcomb Motorsports. They make sheet metal uppers similar to the Hogan uppers for stock, gt40, eldebrock and trick flow lowers. I think they sell for $399. I am getting ready to install a cartech upper on mine. It is the older bennet/cartech design which has about 3 inch runners. The newer ones pretty much have no runners, just a box. I am having it polished right now but really have been thinking of going with the sheet metal Holcomb intake instead.
  5. Mustangdaren,
    What was the cost of the cartech and do they make a upper for a trick flow r lower? I already bought and sent back the holcomb unit it didn't fit right(ports didn't line up :shrug: )
    I'm really not intrested in a spyder because 1)looks like crap on a efi motor 2)I would like to keep some runner length and 3)not intrested in the mods required to run one.
    The hogan intake on my combo made about 40 more RWHP over a trick flow upper :nice: .
    I would like to see so pics if they are out there.
  6. as far as I know they only make the uppers for a truck lower and for the gt40 lower. Cartechs are $375 for the upper in black powdercoat or natural finish. I sandblasted the powdercoat off mine and mildly sanded it, had a lot of cast pits in it. I am having a professional polisher finish it up for me. He says he can get it looking like chrome and get all the pits out of it, we'll see, lol. I hope so.
  7. hogans

    Jerry, I have a pic of a polished hogans on my 306 if interested. I can't post pics, but if someone could help out. Mark
  8. Im very intrested but i cant help on the pic posting cause i dont know how either.....Anybody willing to help?

    Want is your combo?
    Do you feel it was worth the money for the hogan?
    How long did it take to get, how much was it, and was there any installation problems?
    Do you have any before and after hogan dyno numbers?
    Sorry for all the questions but I really don't want to waste my money if it wasn't worth it.
  9. i know some one selling a downs upper and fuller ported lower with 90 mm opening. for a good price . great for a 393 stroker, email me at [email protected] if interested
  10. Anybody else??????????????????????????