Shelby $15,000 over MSRP

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  1. Called the dealership I purchased my GT from and asked if they have started the list yet. My contact said "Yes, we started the list this week and the first person on the list bid $15,000 over MSRP". That should be illegal!:Damnit: I am 1st on the list at another dealership, but thankfully, they havn't crushed my dreams yet. They have not put in "bid" numbers and are waiting until the market calms down to see what the "market adjustment" will be. A guy works his but off to try and buy one of these cars and the rich folks come in and make it a "privilege for the wealthy" to by the Shelby Mustang! :Damnit:

    I do not have a good feeling about this :( It doesn't look like 40 - 45,000 is going to be enough for these greedy dealerships.

    Any other similar word out there about the price?
  2. I recall somebody saying that they will only pay X-plan or A-plan. I said "good luck".
  3. Rancho Santa Margarita Ford in California is getting five SHELBYS....all five are PRE-SOLD at $55,000.00....that is $10,000.00 over the MSRP of $45,000.00 ---- if you want one first, YOU will pay!!!!!:cheers:
  4. Rancho Santa Margarita Ford

    Where or who did you hear this from about Rancho Santa Margarita Ford? Just curious since I was/am on their list. Please let me know so I can make some calls and find out what is going on.
  5. and the list stories continue ..... :nonono:
  6. I went to RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA FORD Sunday DEC. 4th with a CERTIFIED CHECK. I was told by the Internet Sales person ( CHRIS or NICK ) that all five were presold!!! They NEVER had a LIST!!!! Villa FORD said they would have a LIVE AUCTION when there GT500's came in. MSRP $45,000.00 GOOD LUCK:cheers:
  7. Rancho Santa Margarita - No List???

    Interesting that they said there was no list.

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  8. haha gotta pay to play.
  9. haha that sucks.

    but u gotta pay to play
  10. Gotta pay to be first more like it. Plenty of people paid well over sticker for just the GT's. Personally if I'm going to piss away 15 grand I'd rather do it in a strip club than a car dealership.
  11. Blame Ford Motor Co.

    :bs: :notnice: :bs: :notnice: :bs:

    The a55holes in marketing there are responsible for this latest fiasco
  12. :lol: :rlaugh: Good luck finding a 2006 Shelby!

    How ironic, a dealership which will remain anonymous, in North Carolina took a $100,000 deposit on one this week. The buyer, who shall remain anoymous, well known local or should I say loco, said the dealer can float his $100K for free so long as the first one is his. :nonono:
  13. Nope, sorry, it's your dealer, they've been warned repeatedly to manage their customer expectations and not pull this type of ****.
  14. pm5k---That explains it!!!! They said that they were only receiving 5 SHELBYS. You put $500.00 down to be NUMBER 6 ???? I don't know how you can get the sixth car if they are only getting " 5 " and those are pre-sold at $55,000.00!!!! Again, I'am only STATING what I was told when I went to that DEALERSHIP!!!! I wish you the best of LUCK....I will go out of state to find a small DEALERSHIP.....Maybe better luck there!!!!!:cheers:

  15. And Ford has been told repeatedly that they aren't making enough GT500's to satisfiy the demand!

    yeah, someone needs they're expectations managed but its NOT their customers.

    I Blame Ford :mad:
  16. No he put down a deposit on a bogus car, NO ONE is getting a 2006 Shelby :rlaugh:
  17. Vandil---I would rather go to the STRIP CLUB with YOU!!! Can we take PM5K if he doesn't get his SHELBY??? Don't blame FORD MOTOR CO. --- Blame GREEDY DEALERSHIPS:chair: :cheers:

  18. The Dealerships are only manipulating the market because FORD is allowing it ...

    If Ford has set a total production number ABOVE 20K units, the customer demand would not support such shenanigans.

    Ford is allowing their Dealerships to take the money that (if demand were met) would go into Ford's pocket and on into their shareholders (like mine!).
  19. SHOOTERM1---Most dealerships are owned by one GREEDY A$$HOLE:chair: -- FORD MOTOR CO. doesn't have control because this isn't RUSSIA!!! FORDMOTOR CO. does the best they can, but the FORD GT and GT500 are not their main source of revenue!!! If that were the case, production numbers for those vehicles would be very high.
  20. Maybe FORD should do some serious marketing research instead of throwing darts at a number on the Boardroom wall?

    the fact that they have missed the mark on this release is a tribute to their complete lack of insight into the nature of the beast that they have created / aka -Mustang