Shelby $15,000 over MSRP

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  1. FORD has done great marketing on the MUSTANG!!!! Three out of five MUSTANGS produced are sold here in CALIFORNIA!!! The other STATES are dragging ASS!!! Shooterm1 -- I think we need to sit down together over some COLD " NEWCASTLE'S " and talk this thing through:cheers:
  2. Yes, but I reiterate that they have completely missed the mark on the Shelby GT-500!

    The customer backlash wont be pretty - - - - crapola

    No one is a bigger booster of Ford than I, but my anger over this release is as a stockholder more than it is as a potential buyer. They are leaving money on the table and the Dealers are taking it to the Bank / not Ford!

    and its total = :bs:

    If the SVT group were still viable this would never have a happened.
  3. FORD MOTOR CO. was going BROKE!!! That's why they sold the only piece of the pie that was making them money --- HERTZ RENT-A-CAR --- They had nothing left of VALUE!!! SVT is just a MEMORY. The OLD SCHOOL GUYS at FORD fought for it. They were FORCED OUT!!!! The things YOU and I appreciate most, don't generate enough money for FORD.crapola
  4. and yet the Mustang is a supposed Ford success story ...... right?

    These bean counters want it both ways. They want high volume and the accolades that comes with an exciting mark. But once the ink is dry they'll starve it to death!

    If Ford's not careful they'll go the way of GM with the Bean Counters and a cadre of old burnt out marketing types running the show and the performance jockeys and stylist will be ~ out in the cold ~
  5. The bean counters and the marketing guys are the young guys!!! The new CORPORATE GENERATION. That is what's wrong with FORD!!! Do you really think the FORD FUSION and LINCOLN MERCURY ZEPHYR will save them??? HELL NO!!! The best of FORD MOTOR CO. has retired --- not by CHOICE!!
  6. Young or old, they are the problem if they are expecting that crap to work.
  7. Whine whine whine, you guys just rip on the company that's putting these together for you. Over the two years of the Shelby's run there will be enough produced. Not everyone wants a bad ass muscle car, not everyone can afford one. Remember the phrase..GOTTA PAY TO PLAY? For those of you out there seriously considering one, go for it, if you want to "that guy" the one that wants to have it first and will spare no expense, more power to you, it's a free market. Those of you that will wait and get them after summer '06, you're sensible people in my book. For those of you whining about how there won't be enough demand...and probably don't even have the means to get anywhere near a Shelby and can do nothing but complain, just shut the **** up and enjoy your Honda or whatever POS you're driving and let those of us that will put their money where their mouth is enjoy their future vehicle.
  8. Pretty much my thoughts Dyoct. They'll be much easier to get ahold of in 2007/8. Though if I was a car dealer, I'd sure as hell have a hard time turning down the boat loads of money being pushed in my face by some hopefull buyers.

    I mean who wouldn't? people are offering to pay way more than the cars worth just to get one.
  9. Heres the thing though, its only supposed to be a two year run. If thats the case and the second year is limited as well (which is what was reported to be the case) when exactly is the demand supposed to fall off where you could actually get one for MSRP? I would have bought into that idea if this was a model to be carried over for a few years but year 2 will be as difficult to obtain as year 1. Thats why there is the frustration level there is because many Mustang/Muscle Car/Retro lovers see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity that in reality isnt likely to be obtainable anywhere close to MSRP unless you have some great connections or own a dealership.
  10. I talked to my dealer. No markup. They're making 10,000 of these cars a year, you should have no problems getting one. If people just have to be the first one on the street to have one (you know, the guys that just dont shut up everytime you see em) then fine, let them pay over MSRP. I'll wait and throw the extra cash towards a twin screw. I remember seeing multiple 03 cobra's under MSRP after the initial craze settled. Hell, theres even pics of them like that floating around the web. This should be no different.
  11. The old people retiring are Ford's main problem, not sales. Sales are up this year from last year (obviously b/c of the mustang). Its cost of sales and retirement encumbrances that are killing them. (

    As for the price of the car, why arn't you livid about a ferrari costing $300,000? I work hard and would like to be rewarded with a ferrari! Is it too much to ask them to sell me one for $30,000? $45,000 is obviously too low if they sell them all the first week.

    If you notice on the deposit slip, its dated 4/5/2005. He didn't go to the dealer last week to get on the list, APRIL, APRIL. 8 months ago. Either come off the hip for one or quit complaining about it.

    Your forumn bean counter
  12. Rancho Santa Margarita Ford

    I realize that anything the dealers are saying right now are still speculation, but I talked to Rancho Santa Margarita Ford today. They said that they are planning on letting anyone that put a deposit on the cars "bid" on them once they come in. They said they are expecting them to go for $15k - $25k over sticker price.

    All speculation at this point, or maybe just trying to sell their Saleen SCs ($55k). Gonna take a look at the Saleen or maybe just GT and put the rest of the money into the car myself.
  13. I hope everybody who is planning on paying 10k to whatever over msrp are not planning on financing these cars. They will redefine the term upside down! Look this is an expensive car, the value will go down on it. Does anybody remember the Shelby Dodges' of the 80's. If you want a collector Shelby, go get a Shelby Omni, Charger, Dakota. This is why I wanted a SVT COBRA not a Shelby Cobra GT 500, the name doesn't do much for me, accept drive up the price!
  14. You know, all this rumor and talk about price inflation and 15k+ over MSRP is really making me sick. It's just really crazy that there are so many people who are obviously interested in this car and Ford still will not provide any reliable information. I'm real excited about getting my hands on a Shelby don’t get me wrong, but if Ford and their dealership gouge the price like people are saying there is a strong possibility that I may be looking forward to a 2007 Dodge Challenger instead.
  15. It looks like you will be getting a DODGE then because MSRP is $45,000.00 plus a markup!!!! I have posted this numerous times!!! My neighbor works for FORD MOTOR CO. " CORPORATE " Making a seven figure SALARY. I believe him. Some dealerships still don't have a clue!!!
  16. pm5k----I posted this earlier....FORD MOTOR CO. has told dealers to have a live AUCTION at dealerships. Look how many FORD GT'S ended up on E-BAY. If people are willing to pay extra YOU must WAIT until the crazyness is over and then you will get one for MSRP!!! Maybe lower next year????
  17. Mark last time I checked we're not neighbors.

    Look guys, pure and simple, as of right now there is no OFFICIAL price, there is no OFFICIAL allocation. Also, there hasn't been an OFFICIAL announcement on new SVT certification requirements for dealerships. This time around though, any and all dealerships in the country will be eligible, note, the key word here is eligible. And by no means would the official marketing tactic be a live auction. Obviously things are still in the works, and once dealerships are made aware of what's happening, you all will know what's going on. It might seem slow, but hey if you haven't noticed, we've been dealing with some important issues, one being the slide of sales:
    2005 projected
    Would be nice to say that sales are up this year...but look at last year's figures:
  18. DYOCT---Are YOU telling us that FORD MOTOR CO. doesn't know the MSRP of $45,000.00 as of DEC. 23rd 2005 but in JANUARY of 2006 at the DETROIT AUTO SHOW they will know the price then???? That is complete BULLSH !!!!! Anyone that has anything to do with the GT500 in the FORD MOTOR CO. knows the release is " 666 " JUNE, 06, 2006 for MSRP of $45,000.00. I'am just posting the " TRUTH ":Damnit:
  19. Im with you on this one mark, considering we are mere days from the official announcement there is know way in he!! they can claim they still dont know. The speculation will serve to drive interest through the roof though!
  20. ANGELMAV----Thank god for some common sense!!!! The " BIG SHOTS " at FORD MOTOR CO. are on vacation until JAn. 03 2006.......Do you really think they are going to come back to work in JAN. and decide the MSRP of the GT500 ??????