Shelby $15,000 over MSRP

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  1. I'll believe it when I see it. Come fall they wont be able to get rid of these things. And the Challenger will be an 09, so good luck getting an 07. 45K should be for the convertable.
  2. I said..nothing is "official" yet, ie released to the public. CT's got it, just wait until you hear it....
  3. Usually pricing is not set until about a month before introduction.

    I wouldn't expect to see prices officially released until May.

    Of course once they are officially released, they are subject to change anyway. No one can buy a GT-500 right now so it really doesn't matter what it's price is.
  4. And the MSRP is really just a phony number. I doubt very much you will see MSRP pricing honored at any dealership for the 07 model, or if they produce an 08. If they really do only produce 7,000 - 10,000 units, then I think they will be sold way above MSRP. There are at least that many people with enough cash that can and will pay what the dealerships want. I disagree with you folks who think they will be sitting on the lots. Mr. Shelby is getting old, they havn't produced a Mustang with his name attached to it for 36+ years and any vintage Shelby Mustang in decent shape is going for well over $100,000.
  5. Ford would be foolish

    Ford would be foolish if they kept up with the demand, last thing anyone would want is for a 100,000 of these to be sent out.
    If everyone has one and they become common, they are worthless!
    Production on the viper has been kept low and it's still rare when you see one on the street.
  6. Even if they only produce 10,000 units, it will take 20 years for that car to go up in value even with SHELBY's name on it!! Look at the 2000 COBRA R and 1995 COBRA R models. Selling below MSRP today!!! Both very low production!!
  7. I am really looking forward to getting one of these when they come out but this making a list and adding $10,000 to get one is bursting my damn bubble :nonono: Hopefully I can get an "OK" deal on one and be one of the lucky ones to have one....which will be with me forever :rlaugh:
  8. Explain to me why Ford would be foolish to keep up with demand?

    Ford would be foolish NOT to build every one they can sell.

    Why would Ford give a crap what the resale value of the GT-500 is? In case you haven't figured it out Ford is in the business of selling new cars, not used cars. @ $40,000 the GT-500 is going to be a VERY profitable car for Ford. They'll probably make $10,000 profit on each one they sell. So it's in Ford's best interested to make as many GT-500s as they can sell.

    Anyone who is stupid enough to pay a dealer markup on a GT-500 is going to feel real dumb 5 years from now they're selling for $20K used.
  9. I won't get caught up in all that hype and suckered into it. Have to wait on it to settle. If they milk it out like the 05 GT, the GT500 will be going for $75K+ :eek:
  10. You could not be more wrong. Ford is in the business of making money, not providing fools who pay markups with a rare item.

    Be absolutely certain that Ford can and will produce as many of these high profit units as the public will consume.
  11. that's :bs: , i wonder what his reserve is.
  12. Although Ford has indicated that it is willing to produce up to 15K of the GT-500, I highly suspect that Ford can, unless it has stocked pile a bunch of the main components. More likely, Ford will shoot for 7,500 cars, and then ramp up to 15K for the '08. This means around 22.5K units of the GT-500. For me, I could afford to the go over MSRP for one, but why would I? If I wait, I will probably be able to get a used one below MSRP, with most of the initial production problems resolved. The only thing I will miss out on is the "new" car adrenaline rush. But at my age, I would rather spend that rush on my kids accomplishments.

    '94 GT Vert
  13. Someone linked this post to my attention. Thank you kind sir I did check it out today while at work. Word of caution, Mtn. View Ford, and yes their name is Mtn. View, not Mountain not SVT certified. Buyer beware...:nonono:

    EDIT! I didn't even see the QnA at the bottom. They are claiming to be an SVT when they're are not, this is not good...
  14. greedy dealers

    I too want a Shelby.I have almost no hope of getting one thanks to Fords stupid idea to limit production down next to nothing.I found a dealer that would sell me one for 10,000 over sticker but alas I will be broke at sticker.Ford is screwing up big time because these rich aspholes that get the cars will park them in there garages and never drive them.If I get one I will drive the crap out of it.Lets all call ford and bi tch them out for this.sorry just venting
  15. Ford isn't selling enough cars. Ford has a car here for which the DEMAND far outweighs the supply. Ford stock is in the toilet. We have what we called in Jr Highschool Algebra, a word problem. = FORD IS BLOWING IT. That said, wait around a year or two and Finding a GT500 at msrp should be doable. I hate waiting.
  16. i dont know about you guys but im going to wait and buy a used one around 2009,if they havent come out with something better by rather pay 25,000 then what there asking.people with money kill me.look at the prices of the 03-04 cobras right can buy one for 20-25,000.we all know they didnt cost that anyone interested in buying those cars for that much id hate to see their face when they go to sell them in a few years and see how upside down they are going to be.oh well it always pays to be patient.but im not going to lie i will be jealous as hell until i get one.they are going to be bada5s cars.sorry for my rambling.
  17. The future for these high horsepower cars is going to go down hill. With the gas issues and all the talk of Hybrids, you better get one of these GT500 if you have a chance. The new 09 mustangs will be much less horsepower. Take it to the bank on that.:nice:
  18. Ford has not limited production to "next to nothing". This car is just the next Cobra. And most of the years of Cobra were limited to under 10k units.