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  1. Project Daisy, next American Icon? What is it?

    Anyone know yet what project Daisy is? It is supposed to be announced this evening at 5pm at the Detroit Auto Show. I was watching Autoline Detroit with John McElroy this morning (for those of you who live in Detroit will know what I am talking about) and they had the VP at Ford mention that it is the second product that involves Carrol Shelby and that it will be the next American Icon like the Mustang, Thunderbird, and GT. Anyone have any info on it yet????
  2. Detroit news has a preview of it. It is a new 2 seat Shelby Cobra. It looks like it has the 425 CID V10 from the 427 Concept car in it. Also see the Ford media web site. There will be a TV show on it @ 9PM Tuesday on TLC.
  3. Yeah, just saw the detroit news article... I can't wait to see it...
  4. I LOVE it, arggg, and I thought the Mustang and Bronco would be enough, but now I've got to have it if they make one.
  5. Aw, damn, the thing just has a dinky little under powered 390 CID (6.4L) V10 that puts out only 600 HP & 500 lb. ft. :D
  6. It's pure unadulturated.....SEX. I'm tempted to hump my monitor.
  7. WOW what more can be said? WOW
    And people were saying shelby is a has been.
  8. Looks like a new Series 1 with a Ford V10, not bad. I wish the mouth was more round like the series 1 and original Cobra, the new one looks like it is sad :(
  9. :D :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag:

    Forum rules apply to pictures too. :nonono:

  10. Wow.. so now Ford has a Ford GT, a Ford Mustang GT, a Ford Cobra, and an SVT Mustang Cobra... Confusion. Hopefully this will be the car to compete with (and kill off) the vette rather than another limited run $125,000 super car.
  11. First off, why would you want the vette to be killed off? It's a great car, and one of the best bangs for the buck around.

    Second, with 600+ horsepower, if this Cobra is made, it will probably be another $125,000 supercar, which is not exactly what Ford needs.
  12. The corvette is a good car. I'm not entirely sure about the bang for the buck issue though. Around here they hit $50k for a base model. Which is not bang for buck. And I would disagree with the $125k supercar idea. You're right Ford does not need another supercar. So pricing it there would not make any sense. From the stangnet article on the car.
    Our original objective was to build a sports car that would outrun Corvette," Shelby said. "I never dreamed it would become the icon that it did."
  13. kill a vette

    You want to kill off the vette? thats like the coolest car ever made. It was made 11 years before the mustang and it will stick around for a while. i would so get me one, if not for the price.

  14. it sure would feel good though for Ford's new toys to kick ass these next coming years enough that they lower the corvette from the totem pole to create a new reigning American racing king.
  15. I doubt Ford will make the shelby Cobra with more HP and for less money than the GT(40)

    what is the curb weight of this car?

    What I could see is:

    Mustang Cobra $40K 450HP
    Shelby Cobra $80K 500HP
    Ford GT $140K 550HP
  16. Of course we all have to realize that it's a concept. So unless it makes it into production exactly like it is now. Somebody is going to say they are disappointed.