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  1. Hahahaha, how true. Very sad, but true.
  2. I'm expecting a production version to have the 351 V10 in it. Sure, the 600hp motor would be nice, but it won't happen unless the Ford GT is actually going to have 700hp or something (yeah. right.)
  3. the learning channel new show "rides" shows the concept cobra

    i was wonder if any seen the show it shows the development the new shelby cobra check your local listings the used the v10 that they used in the v10 mustangs we seen i some magazines. It's fast as hell they drove it while it was a bare frame
  4. One word:

  5. yeah, I just watched the whole thing. that car is sure awesome. I know I will never own one myself because they will be simply beyond my income, but maybe one day it will be available on :D
  6. As an engineer (non-automotive), that show was terrific in terms of the behind-the-scenes details that they could show. Obviously, much was left out for both Ford's reasons and time constraints, but it was still pretty good from a technical standpoint. Forget the car, I want one of those CAD walls (screen).

    As a car enthusiast, the new Cobra is sweet. It does have better performance estimates than even a Z06 and the styling is a pretty good blend of old and new.

    The question is how does it fit into Ford's lineup? The GT is supposed to be a limited edition, short-run build and at $140k, it is not going to end up in many garages relative to a 'vette or Mustang. Does the Cobra go head to head with the vette and viper? If so, it needs leather, good sound system... more weighty items. OR, are they trying to renew a niche market of driving purists who don't care about the frills?
  7. that v10 sounds sick
    waaaayyy better than the viper

    its just a deeper v8 grunt
  8. What amazes me. Is the show follows the whole developement. And nothing was leaked until the detroit dhow.
  9. i know eh
    they made this show during the last 6 months, and no one new nething about it untill yesterday

    and remeber the v10 mustang at the begining which was the test mule for the engine. its pretty funny how everyone though it was gonna be the next boss mustang, but is really just a car they were testing the engine in

    the mustang will never recieve a V10, NEVER!!!!
  10. I have been on edge for a couple of days regarding FORD's new releases. These cars never look as good in pictures as in real live background shots,never mind in the metal.Good work Mr.Mays, you understand that while for most of us these dreams are far away at best, they also make some of us work smarter for chance to express ourselves. So I will be looking for overtime and a little boost from fate,the same way I got my SVT Cobra.
  11. Yeah we know ford never makes a limited production car with high horsepower then makes a mass production car right afterwords with the same or more horsepower, *cough* 95 cobra r, 00 cobra r *cough*. Why it would be almost sacrelgious.
  12. Like I said in another thread, that price tag will probably cost more than what my house did or very close to it. :(
  13. Damn....I missed it! :(

    Gotta check when they will air it again!

  14. Definitely will cost a lot. Everything Shelby has done in the past few years that's had his name near it has been very expensive. Let's go ahead and put it in the "exotic car" status it will deserve. I'd be surprised if it costs less than $135,000. Even the cheapest Ferrari costs more than that brand new today.

    No comments about the Shelby being an "affordable sports car" appealing to the masses (hahaha)! This one should be made and as the saying goes: "If you have to ask how much it can't afford it."

    Beautiful car though. I'd still love to assemble one of the Factory Five kits, though, for nostalgia and those sunny days of summer.
  15. Let's see...

    V10, roadster body, 2 seater...

    Sounds more like a Viper killer than a Vette killer. Let Ford build 5000 a year and they'll sell them all easily.
  16. thats nothing but bad ass that car is so at first i didnt like it but it grew on me so i like it now because it has that 351 ci V10 that motor is a direct casting from the 4.6 all they did is cast 2 more cy. on it can you say viper eatter shelby said it him self that the reason he bulit the car in 62 was to whop the crap out of vettes now it can bet the viper and the vette i will bet money on it
  17. I recorded the show but have not gotten a chance to see it yet but I thought the press release said it had a 427 V10. I also thought the V10 that was in the mustang was a 351 V10. So it's not the same motor, right? Or am I thinking too much?
  18. You could make a case on it being less than $100k on the fact that the GT is going to occupy the supercar range. And Ford is not well known for competing against itself. While still high. I expect if biult. The car would end up more in the range of $80k
  19. I was at the unveiling in Detriot where Bill Ford and Carol Shelby drove the car up on the stage. Bill Ford said this car "May" be produced, but when I spoke to J Mays, he said the car will be produced.

    Here's the lowdown. The Shelby Roadster, if released, will be priced comparatively to the Dodge Viper, and in production form, will come in at an estimated 3000 lbs. It will fit into the lineup perfectly if produced. The Mustang Cobra will be in the mid 40's, the Shelby Roadster the mid 80's, and the GT at 139,995. Remember, the GT is going away after 2006 and is only going to be produced for 3 model years. 2004-2005-2005, at an estimated run of only 4500 units.

    If this car is produced, and has a hardtop option with side-windows and windshield wipers, I would think about getting one. If it's a true roadster, the decision will be much harder.

    I think the V10 (same one in the mule mustang) will be produced in other vehicles.

    Ford kicked everyone's tail at the show!