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  1. I was at the unveiling in Detriot where Bill Ford and Carol Shelby drove the car up on the stage. Bill Ford said this car "May" be produced, but when I spoke to J Mays, he said the car will be produced.

    Here's the lowdown. The Shelby Roadster, if released, will be priced comparatively to the Dodge Viper, and in production form, will come in at an estimated 3000 lbs. It will fit into the lineup perfectly if produced. The Mustang Cobra will be in the mid 40's, the Shelby Roadster the mid 80's, and the GT at 139,995. Remember, the GT is going away after 2006 and is only going to be produced for 3 model years. 2004-2005-2005, at an estimated run of only 4500 units.

    If this car is produced, and has a hardtop option with side-windows and windshield wipers, I would think about getting one. If it's a true roadster, the decision will be much harder.

    I think the V10 (same one in the mule mustang) will be produced in other vehicles.
  2. Making A Couple Of Mistakes

    No Side Glass, No Stereo, No AC????

    They tried this with the first Vipers and found people wanted such niceties from their mega bucks cars. I think ford will find the same thing. The problem is that the early vipers sold because there was nothing in their price range with similar performance. This Cobra will run head long in to vipers with AC, Stereos, and wind protection.

    Some won't care, MANY WILL. I think it's a mistake that they don't have to make.
  3. Probably won't happen but it would be cool if they could price it closer to the Vette and also offer a hardtop. For more than that I'd rather have the real deal:
    It would just rip.
  5. A couple of things come to mind here. First I think it depends on the price point whether it will sell or not without a stereo or A/C. There certainly aren't any shortages of people buying the kit cars and the shelby made versions of the original. This was also the concept version of this car. We know that Ford changes from concept to production. So it remains to be seen if they do on this or not. However the question then becomes this. The articles all state thatthey modified the GT chassis to fit.
    "smart engineering quickly adapted the rear-mid-engine Ford GT platform to this front-mid-engine application"
    Not since it has been said that the GT will not withstand safety changes happening in 2007 could this then doom this new Cobra to death in 07? And it isn't even being built yet. Which means less years 1 maybe 2 years tops.
    I like this Cobra a lot but have questions on it's feasability.
  6. The Ford GT isn't in compliance with the new front bumper laws that go into effect in 2007. Ford should have no issues designing around that.

  7. From what I can gather is it is the same basic design, but at 427 Cubes instead of 351. Also what's with the trumpets on top of the manifold? Are they just for show or do they somehow hook into the MAF?

    Hot car. Too bad I'm not loaded.
  8. The Shelby Roadster had a destroked 427. The motor was a 390 Cubic Inch V10. The trumpets will only be on the show car. If this car makes production, most likely it would receive the same motor that is in the Mustang V10 mule with the two throttle bodies and MAF's. Who knows...
  9. I would think the Cobra is a go. Shelby didn't come back to Ford to build a few Mustangs with his name on them. He came back for a Cobra. I'd expect the Cobra near the end of GT production. Some things will change from the concept to the production version. Originally the Cobras were built to take on the Corvette at a slightly increased price. It will be interesting to see if it comes in near the Corvette or Viper in price.
  10. Don't say that. People will already start the threads of how they are disappointed that it isn't the concept. :lol:
    He says that it was built for the corvette. But all I've ever heard is him saying he was going to hand ferrari their a**es.
  11. Too late, Ford handed Ferrari their asses already with the GT. Ford built the new Cobra with Shelby as a supervisor over the project. In other words, Shelby only had a small hand in building that car. SVT did most of the engineering work on it. I read about this car almost a year ago in an interview with Shelby in Mustang Monthly magazine. He point blank said that he was working with Scarpello and Coletti on the new Cobra Roadster. So if it (the new Cobra) does indeed hand Ferrari its ass, it will not have been Shelby who did it. It would be the boys at SVT....AGAIN!

    Shelby has shown that he has lost his edge with the Series-1. It is a beautiful car plagued with trouble (along with a GM drivetrain). If it had been built with higher quality standards and not rushed into production, it would have been one hell of a car.
  12. I may have mislead you unintentionally. I was talking about his quotes back in the 60's during the original Cobra days.
  13. In that case...

    In 1964 Ford built a crappy car that would aspire to do GREAT things. But it failed miserably, until they handed it over to Shelby, the not only did it aspire to great things, it went above and beyond them. Of course I am speaking of the original GT40. It is well documented that, not only did Shelby and the GT40 hand Ferrari their ass, but they did it so badly that Enzo Ferrari pulled the plug on their endurance efforts until after Ford pulled the plug on theirs.

    As far as the Cobra handing Ferrari anything, it only barely (if really at all) happened with the Cobra Daytona Coupe. It won a lot of races, but almost lost to Ferrari in the end.
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  15. There is a Dr. Pepper commercial with the new shelby in it..
  16. Actually, that is the 200/2001 Shelby Series-1 that is no longer being built. Nice looking car though.
  17. After the Cobra Datona Coupe dismantled Ferrari in '65, Ferrari didn't field another front engine sports car in any racing class. The only reason that the Cobra didn't win the world championship the year before was a rules loopole.
  18. Funny how Ferrari kept quitting every time they lost.

    GT40 owns them so they quit endurance racing, the Cobra Daytona beat them and so they quit racing front engine cars. Seems to me that Enzo Ferrari was a sore looser. But if it weren't for sore loosers, Henry Ford II would have never built the GT40 to compete with Ferrari. When Henry lost out on buying Ferrari, he threw a temper tantrum and went racing.

    So, here's to sore loosers.
  19. Without doing some research, I believe that in the 1964 FIA world manufacturer's championship, the points were determined by using the points earned in a certain # of races. These #'s aren't correct, but it sort of worked like if there were 15 races your total was your best 12 races or something like that. So going into the last race of the season Ferrari has a slim lead, but it the Cobras scored virtually any points in the last race they would end up with more championship points than Ferrari.

    It just so happened that the last race of the year was at Monza, Italy. And it just so happend that the Monza track owners cancilled the race so the Cobras couldn't score any more points thus giving Ferrari the championship.
  20. You are correct that Enzo Ferrari was a very sore loser. But this is not quite how it went. After the 1967 LeMans race, the governing body of worldwide racing announced that they were banning the 7 liter Fords. The new rules for 1968 were that sports prototypes would be limited to 3 liters and sports 50 cars (cars that had at least 50 production models built) could have up to 5 liters. These rules changes were quite obviously at Ferrari's request. Henry Ford II announced that Ford was not returning, that it wasn't the rule changes, Ford had proved its point and had other things to do. It ended up not mattering, in 1968 and 1969 5 liter Ford GT-40 production cars in the hands of private entrants won LeMans 2 more time. By 1970 the old Ford GT's were no longer competitive. Ferrari continued on in endurance racing with the 512 series prototypes and had some success winning races like the Sebring 12 HR. But Ferrari never again had the success it enjoyed in the early 1960's. In the 1970's, instead of Ford kicking Ferrari's a$$ in endurance racing, Porsche was now doing it.