Shelby Cs1 Wheels With Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires Mounted

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  1. DSC_0653.JPG DSC_0656.JPG DSC_0657.JPG DSC_0658.JPG DSC_0659.JPG Shelby CS1 Wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires on my 2011 GT500.

    Shelby CS1 gunmetal wheels 20x9 front, 20X11 rear with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires 275/35ZR20 front and 295/35ZR20 rear. These tires should have been the ones used from the factory instead of Goodyear in my opinion. These tires are a day and night difference when compared to the Goodyear F1 G2 tires. Very smooth ride, handling is awesome!
  2. Sweet! Seriously thinking about these wheels for mine, but want the darker, possibly even the black finish. Definitely getting the tires!

    congrats! Looking good.
  3. The only darker ones that you would be able to get are the black finish. There are only 4 finishes that I am aware of, Black, Gunmetal, Machined Black, and Machined Gunmetal. The Machined choices are very light in color. I didn't go with the black finish because I was wanting to stay as close as possible to the SVT wheel color that was originally on the Shelby.
  4. I hear you--I really like the color on my SVTPP wheels. I wasn't that big of a fan of dark wheels when they first came out, but I REALLY like how they look on the brighter colors.
  5. I am not really a fan of an all black wheel unless it is a black mustang and have a triple black or black on black mustang, seems like they would be harder to keep clean but I could be wrong on that.

    Just be sure whoever you get to install your wheels know what they are doing because after paying for aftermarket wheels and then tires on top of that, you sure don't want a scratch on them anywhere.

    I don't drive my Shelby much except in the evenings after work on a clear evening or on the weekends. Only have 4,000 miles on a 2011 Shelby, if that tells you how often I actually drive. LOL

    I can say for 100% that these wheels make everyone look, be it at a stop light or in a parking lot. The cheapest that I have found the CS1 wheels were on American Muscle, ordering through Carroll Shelby Wheels are full price and AM has them as well for about 120 less than what Carroll Shelby Wheels has them for. Also, if you use AM to purchase, be sure to get a coupon code if at all possible to save an additional 5% or 6% depending on the coupon code.
  6. Just came in from detailing my car. Was convinced that I wasn't going to get the CS1s because I want something MUCH easier to clean than my PP wheels, but looking at yours again, they don't look too bad to detail.

    I mocked up a SS build of my car on the Shelby website, and did the black Alcoas--I like how the black looks with Grabber Blue and black stripes. Not for everyone, and not what I would have said a year ago, but the black wheels are growing on me.

    As far as the install, I'll do it myself. I don't trust folks working on my car.

    Only 4k? I've got over 5k on my 13 that I've only had since September--and it spent over 6 months of that time in storage! I DD my car... Can't bear the idea of climbing into my truck to go to work when the Shelby is sitting in the garage. Thanks for the tip on the AM discount. I'd been shopping them a little, but am going to wait until fall, after I move south. Shipping to AK makes everything expensive.