Shelby CS6 is out

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  1. Man, what a hard on. That things beautiful.
  2. when?

    When will the packages be available, I went to there website, however I could'nt find anything on the two kits.
  3. Man, that car is absolutely beautiful! WOW!!!

    So, Paxton IS making a supercharger for the V6.... So far, all I can find (besides what you posted) is one for the V8. Oh, well, not ready for one yet, anyway... Still debating going Turbo with Mike's Powerhouse system in a few years. I guess it will all come down to price vs. performance at that point. Or I could just plop down some money on the Shelby in 2008... Decisions, decisions...

    Thanks for the info! Keep it coming!
  4. that 6 is very nice. shelby style.

    it would be real awesome to get all the power upgrades of that one, in an otherwise stock looking v6 coupe, sleeperness.
  5. ditch the wheels and i like it.
  6. SWwweeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttTT !!!

    Another icon is raising the respect bar for our revered 4.0L hooooaahhh!!!! :hail2:
  7. I don't care for it very much. The grill is ugly IMO. The scoops look stick-on and cheesy to me. I like the hood and front bumper cover though.
  8. Hmm
    GT wheels & tires
    GT Grille
    GT sway bars.

    And you're saying GT owners are trolls. :ZipIt:

    I'd temper your enthusiasm a bit until you find out how much o'l Carrol, I never charge anything less than 5 times what it's worth, Shelby is asking for that thing.
  9. I have nothing against GTs or GT owners, just the one's that invade the V6 forums trying to bash anything to do with V6s. Trolls. If you're not one of those guys, then what I said doesn't apply to you. Either way, you can :ZipIt: .
  10. I think I hear Ol' Carrol knocking on the doors of the GT trolls and saying "the 4.0L is worthy of attention".

    I don't get the comment "GT Tires and wheels, GT grill..." I personally think the V6 looks better with the stock grill and the SC6 doesn't even have a GT grill, so WTF! As far as the tires goes I think the GT tires are dog ugly! Now '00 Cobra rims and the '06 V6/Bullit rims are SWEET looking!

    The joy that I feel is that I can upgrade to aftermarket (just like the GT) if I so desire and still still have something different from all of the rest!

    That ol' saying "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" still holds true! LOL!!! Being the 4.0L underdogs we have to face the fact that there is always going to be those who think that "it is the size of the wand and not the magic in it" !!! There will always be someone bigger but not necessarily better !!! :D
  11. He was referring to the fact that I have GT wheels and tires, sway bars and grill. But like I said, I have nothing against GTs. Just the owners that feel the need to put us down.
  12. A bunch of crap I say. Shelby is useing his name to make a buck. These cars will cost a mint and whats so special about them that you or I couldnt do in our own garage? Nothing. Shelby can keep his Mustangs.

    That wing would look great on a Honda.
  13. I agree with you about the wing on the V8. The CS6 looks good IMO. That being said, I'm not going to buy either. I already have my Mustang. But I sure do like that CS6....
  14. Every Reason the sixers use to defend their choice will not apply to this car...It will be more expensive, The insurance will be more expensive, You will have less to mod(unless you wnt to take a "Shelby" and drop the resale value dramatically).etc... so it is not comparable to either the Six or the GT.

    BTW: I Like my GT better because...It is less expensive, The insurance is less expensive, I will be able to mod(unless you want to take a "Shelby" and drop the resale value dramatically).
  15. since the hack shack (west coast customs--have you seen pimp my ride???) is involved, i would not touch it. west coast customs hack thier work. you couldnt give me a car they worked on. did i mention i hate WCC? whats the deal with the "W" of all the lights? imagine all of them on at night...WTF? since WCC is involved, it will be 10x regular cost (5x for shelby, and 5x for WCC)
  16. Have you ever heard of the AFTERMARKET??? Most of the stuff on this car will be available for purchase. You don't have to buy the car! In fact, I bet there will not be many produced. The reason why I chose the "six" this time around (I have owned four V8 stangs) is to build it up to kick "troll" V8 butt and laugh as I am passing by with my wimpy motor Buhahahahahah to you too! :rlaugh: Oh yeah, even if my ride is built to do 10s in the quarter the insurance on it will always be LESS expensive than a GTs!
  17. My point was that exactly, I was makin fun of myself at the end But you don't get it. I was preluding the fact that when the Shelby's come out the Guy's that bought the 8's are in the same boat as the sixers...Buhahahahaha
    All mustangs are Awsome but it seams that some of the 6er's are becoming trolls thinking that this car all of a suddenly vindicates their Choice (which doesn't need vidication in the first place IMHO).
  18. It takes deep pockets to get a V6 Mustang in the 10s.

    If you have that much to spend on a car, would you care what insurance costs?

    BTW: The dif between a V6 and a GT is a whooping $12 a month in insurance for me.