Shelby CS6 is out

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  1. When i got my car, the insurance was $190 difference a month. Now it is $7/month That was why i got the 6, but now im happy i did, because ive probably saved a whole lot in gas haha.
  2. I like this guy! LOL! Yes, there are bozos on both sides...
  3. When I bought my V6, a GT would have cost me close to $8,000 more.... Also out of principal I never pay over MSRP for a car... I could have waited.. but decided the V6 was just dandy.. so I went with that... I had no intentions of modding the car when I bought it... it's just something that's happened... And I'm having a LOT of fun doing it... I've put $4,000 in performance mods... for another $500 to $1000 I could easily be in the 12s... I have no intentions of going for the 10s... LOL!
  4. Im not trying to justify or start anything here, just talking. I consider myself damn proud and damn lucky to have my car. Id love to have a GT, it just isnt practicle for a 19 yr old paying 40K/year for college working part time in restaurants.

    Getting the v6 into the 10s is possible, I believe, but it will take time. Saving up money little by little over the years is alot easier for me than having a set budget of, say, 4-500 more a month Id have to pay for the GT. Id love to have it, it just isnt possible. The insurance difference was huge for me. White 19yr old male with 1 totaled car already (silly Honda, held up like a champ though rollin three times.)

    With the way things are going now Ive invested close to probably 1100 in my car. Thats over the last year. With a GT, Id probably have paid close to three times that keeping it stock. Insurance, markup prices, etc. As it is, I have springs, t-lok, gears, and full exhaust. Let me break that down to make sure its right...

    Exhaust: 400
    Gears: 145
    Springs: 250
    T-Lok: 210
    Fogs: 20
    Subs+Amp+HU came out of my old car
    Subs+Amp 500
    HU 300

    so thats an additional 800, say 900 after the wiring. So Im really looking at 2200(gotta count the install cost on gears&t-lok), with around 1100 of it having been invested in the last year. I consider myself to be in a pretty good spot. As it is there's always food in the fridge, drinks on the weekends, and I can afford gas to get around on. Budgets tight, but you can see why the difference in the GT would rape me.

    I really like the idea of a v6 Shelby. Im not 100% sure west-coast customs is involved in the v6. I know it is for the limited edition CA custom, but would like further confirmation from someone that they are with the v6. The car may be a stretch in some points, but it does offer a level of confirmation for the v6 owner who is also an enthusiast like myself. Simply having the Shelby name behind a v6 means great things could happen in the future for us, cost and practicality aside. It means we're finally getting some attention. I believe this car has alot of potential, and I love having someone to bring it out. Finally, we might see a growing aftermarket parts community, and hopefully see some price drops. It took nearly half a year before there was ever a CAI out for the v6, and if I remember correctly a mere few months before the GT saw its first. True its buyers are more performance oriented with a bigger market for companies, but I still love seeing new options for my car. I hadnt yet heard of Paxton making a supercharger for the v6 yet. Now, I know there's going to be one. I may not buy it, but one more option on the market.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Off rant: The wheels on the car do not match the wheels featured in the collage below. The ones below appear to be American Racing Torq Thrust IIs (I think, a spin off of them atleast) and it does say it features "exclusive" American Racing rims. Can anyone provide clairty for me?

  5. No intentions of going into the 10's....from a guy who said he wasn't going to mod his 6. I bet someday, I see your car on the cover of MM and FF.

    "05 V6 run's 10's"

  6. Yeah, I know it takes deep pockets to get into the 10s on any car and I said "if" I did this. But it looks like with pwrhws' turbo it won't take much more than $5000 or so to get into the 11s. Insurance in Arkansas must be real cheap, cuz here in Motown it is as much as a car payment (and I have a clean driving record) and the difference from the same year vehicle V6 versus GT is major. My insurance carrier could not believe that my insurance for the '05 V6 was cheaper than my '01 GT.
  7. "Simply having the Shelby name behind a v6 means great things could happen in the future for us".

    Zodiac, you hit the nail on the head with that statement.

    Yeah, I don't need vindication (never do) for what I choose to ride, and I might have misunderstood Roni's comments (I apologize), but I don't understand why the need to knock Carrol Shelby who I consider one of the Fathers of the Mustang and is highly revered and one that should not be made light of. Any thing he does that raises the respect level of the 4.0L should be looked at in a positive light. Cuz, lets face it the V6 does get bashed quite a bit by the V8 brethren and after a while you might take things a little more on the defensive end of things because of it.
  8. are you old enough to remember his association with Dodge in the mid-80s????
  9. Yeah, I do (I'm 44), I remember the '86 GLH Turbo (nicknamed "Goes Like Hell") and the Shelby Charger Turbo. These cars were respectable for their time (as our V6's are in stock form). That was an era of low compression motors and there were not very many high performance cars on the market, even SVO came out with a 4 cyl turbo. The muscle car scene was in a slump just before Ford and GM started doing something with the mustang, camaro, corvette, etc.) Scrming, why do you feel the need to diss me every chance you get? I don't go dissin you every time you mention how great your Zex or the SCT is. It does get old after a while. I think you should give it a rest. Carrol Shelby is a person to be respected and I think he is a visionary and we all don't get it right 100% of the time (maybe you do LOL).
  10. Hey scrming, I did a little research cuz ya know at the ripe ole age of 44 sometimes things slip a bit and here is what I found out about ole CS's creations of the 80s:

    "...Carroll Shelby became a manufacturer (again) with the creation of Shelby Automobiles. The last 500 Omni GLH's built were all black turbos, and were sent to Carroll's new plant in Whittier, California, to become the Shelby GLHS (Goes Like Hell Some-more); with silver graphics, revised springs and swaybars, adjustable Koni struts and shocks, 175 hp and 175 Ib-ft torque from a revised 2.2 with a Turbo II induction system featuring a special radiator assembly with an inter- cooler for the intake charge, two piece intake manifold, multi-port fuel injection, larger Garrett turbo, 205/50 VR 1 5 Goodyear "Gatorbacks" on special Shelby Centurion wheels, Shelby Automobiles dash number plate, an unpegged speedometer with applique indicating up to 135 mph, and leather- wrapped steering wheel and shift knob.

    While originally intended to be a late '85 model released that summer, production delays kept the Omni GLHS from dealer's lots until the spring of 1986. The performance world was set on its ear by early reviews, including an April '96 Hot Rod Magazine cover with the announcement "GLHS WHIPS GT-350!" and a comparison article declaring the little Omni 2-seconds faster over a side by side lap at Willow Springs and 1-second faster in the quarter-mile than a '66 Shelby Mustang; the official GLHS numbers went like this: quarter-mile in 14.7 seconds, 0-60 in 6.5 sec, and .88g on the skidpad. Bite was improved tremen- dously over the GLH, but at a cost - a slightly harsher ride, and care had to be taken when pushing the car quickly over surfaces that were less than ideal, as the little Omni could lose grip going over bumps."

    Now if memory serves me right, the GLHS would beat the '05-6 V6 in the quarter (even with a computer flash upgrade)! I say for that era those figures were pretty respectable considering the cars of that era were lucky to do 17's in the quarter! LOL

    I think us both being Michigan Boys can try to respect each other, even if our ideas might be different sometimes. We both luv our little mustangs and we can try to appreciate the differences we have, Agreed?
  11. Wow... sorry you feel that way... Please accept my apologys... I certainly didn't mean to "diss" you.. Actaully I try to repect everyon one, even those that resort to calling me names... I assure you nothing was intentionally directed at you...

    As far as the new CS6... I think it's over priced for what you get... $15,000 for just parts... sorry... in my opinion just not worth it...
  12. HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS WRONG IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!! Can't you fellas just get along? Damn. We are talking about a fu4ing car.
  13. My 05 v6 is more than my 01 gt, and also more than my 03 cobra, go figure? (888 6mo for decent coverage on v6, $1100 6mo on cobra for maximum coverage, 500k/500k, $100 deduct.)
  14. Shelby earned his respect when he made race cars, then "street legal" race cars. Now he is doing nothing more than useing his name and personna to make a buck.

    I certainly dont need Carroll Shelbys name or endorsement to justify my V6.

    Anyone who thinks these cars will ever be worth more than they paid for them are in for a rude surprise. As far as performance, I can build the same car for thousands less.

    Carroll Shelby is a great man, but he has sold out to commericalism.

    And hey, its not just Shelby, I laugh my a$$ off everytime I see a Roush Mustang on the showroom floor. Thats alot of scratch for a name and some bling.
  15. does any one got a picture of that hood from behind looking forwards, id liek to see how its set up. the induction holes and stuff.
    thank you
  16. We get along just fine. Us sixers are like bikers and pontoon boaters, we stick together.
  17. I just read this on one of the blogger sites and it is supposedly from someone at Shelby Auto regarding the CS6:

    "Posted Nov 7, 2005, 10:57 AM ET by Rich Sparkman
    For those of you who have a Mustang V6, we (Shelby Automobiles) now offer a nifty upgrade package that will give you 350HP. It's all true.

    For those who have the Mustang GT, better get a supercharger if you want to keep up with the CS6. It's lighter, handles better, gets better mileage, accelerates faster, and brings about 50 more HP to the table. But don't forget the other options including suspension, exhaust, brake, and appearance upgrades. Couple that with a Shelby serial number and the car should hold its resale value much better than a stock Mustang GT.

    Carroll isn't senile, he recognizes that the V6 owners out there have been largely overlooked by the performance aftermarket. We're fixing that. We also have to remember we've got the GT500 coming out next summer and that makes things a bit more complex business-wise.

    What about the West Coast Customs/Shelby V8 Mustang? The fact that it's a limited-edition car is stirring lots of interest in collector circles. We're only going to make 25 of these.

    See for more info."


  18. Wow. I wonder how much that would be. :flag:
  19. I believe it is around $14-15 G for the whole shot (body/performance pkg). Alot of scratch in most peoples opinions I'm sure, but if I was a rich man would have no problem spending it for the looks/muscle!!! I will just bide my time until I can afford some huffin of some sort and keep the sleeper look! But, I'm happy that the performance world is giving the 4.0L its just dues!
  20. Here is some more info that might be of interest:

    "Day 2: SEMA SHOW
    By Huw Evans

    They say that trends are often cyclical, and if this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association show is anything to go by, it appears that it’s the ‘60s all over again. The S197 Mustang has made an incredible impact on the automotive landscape – it’s almost as if, after a few years of what some might call neglect, interest and passion in domestic muscle, especially the Mustang has come roaring back with a vengeance. But it’s also interesting to note that there are a few new twists this time around, a major one being the souping up of V6 Mustangs. Now those of you who’ve read the very first issue of MM will no doubt recall the red 2005 Mustang we featured ‘The Six.’ Well it appears that guys like Will Williams at Car FX are really onto something. The stats say around two thirds of all Mustangs sold are V6 cars and these owners are just as interested in going fast as their V8 counterparts. In fact, demand for trick V6 upgrades is becoming so strong that even the big players in the Mustang game are starting to take notice. Our columnist and Mustang Racing Technologies President Scott Hoag and his team, recently built a twin-turbo V6 convertible and even Shelby Automobiles Inc is getting involved in the game. At their press unveiling on Wednesday, Shelby announced the unveiling of the new CS6. Essentially a pair of packages aimed at V6 owners, the full upgrade results in a car that will give more than a few V8 muscle machines a real run for their money. Stage 1 is an appearance package that includes, among other things, Side scoops, unique American Racing rims, special Shelby front fascia, custom upper and lower grilles at the front, hood pins, special trunk emblem, dash plaque, custom inlays for the doors and kick panels, and special graphics and striping.

    The Stage 2 package adds suspension upgrades, a Borla stainless dual exhaust, special Shelby rear fascia, steeper rear gears and an exclusive Paxton centrifugal supercharger and intercooler – boosting power to around 350 hp. With the Stage 2, you also get Baer’s Signature series brakes with unique Shelby calipers. So, by ordering both packages, essentially what you end up with is a turn the key and go ride that offers a really nice balance of handling, acceleration, braking and uniqueness, whilst maintaining some semblance of fuel economy. And in these uncertain times when the price of fuel fluctuates wildly on a daily basis, no doubt a lot of ‘Stangers will find a car such as this rather appealing. For more information on the CS6, switch on your computer and go to Check back with us tomorrow as we talk to the parts makers, suppliers and custom builders to find out what their take is on this incredible show for ‘05 and of course all the latest speed and customizing accessories that you’ll be able to buy for your Steed in the very near future. Stay tuned."

    I don't know about the rest of the 4.0L clan but this really is COOL!