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  1. So I got the Shelby drop and it was working fine for a while. That is until I noticed the severe wear on the inner part of the tires. I'm talking pretty much bald after just a little over a thousand miles if even that. Any idea what is going on because I sure don't. Sure I might take corners a little fast (who doesn't when their 17 in a classic mustang) but I still think that this is excessive. The tread is supposed to match the out side.

    Also at times when i am taking a corner the tire rubs on the fender. Is this because of the drop, I'm pretty sure it is but what can I do to fix it.


    The drivers tire is just as bad

    Oh and these tires were brand new when and put on at the same time the Shelby drop happened

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  2. Did you do an alignment after the drop?
  3. Ditto on that. I run 1/2 degrees negative camber, 3 degrees positive caster and 1/8" toe in with an A-arm drop and don't see ANY uneven wear. Something is worn out or out of whack in that front end, guaranteed.
  4. Yes I did get an alignment afterward but it must have not been to the right specs.
    At least it's better than it used to be with half power, half manual steering. All manual now. Any idea what might be worn out, or do I just need an alignment.
  5. Hi
    I'm running the Shelby drop. Did you drop 1" or 1.5"s? Also, you should have received an alignment spec sheet with your alignment. Check the specs against what was mentioned. I think they are the same specs, I'm running and I'm not having any of that crazy wear.
    Any alignment guy worth his salt, would have pointed out any worn parts before the alignment was ever attempted.
    Good Luck!
  6. The shop i took it to to have the drop done also took it to get aligned so I didn't get a spec sheet when I got it back. And they are a mustang specialist shop so I would think that they did it right. Right
  7. Hi,
    Have you approached them with this wear issue? I would still get the alignment specs, if only to have the baseline info. Unless there has been a lot of time and miles they should make this right.
    I stand on my original comment. Any shop worth its salt.....!
    If they can't provid those numbers, I'd look for a "real" mustang specialist shop. If what you have stated is all correct and with the details provided.
    You didn't mention how far they dropped it, 1" or 1.5"? If they did the 1.5, then they should have added the negative wedge kits to negate any binding in the ball joint.
    Good Luck!
  8. I take it your car is a '66? I wouldn't take anything for granted as far as IF they aligned it correctly. After you do the shelby drop you MUST align to the shelby specs, not the factory specs. It is often difficult to get a shop to align to anything other than the stock settings their computer tells them, some refuse to align to anything else as they don't understand the need and by policy can only go with stock specs.

    I would find out what shop did the alignment and see if you can get a print out of what they set it to, I would hope they save that in their comp. for all their customers. Then I would find a shop with some old guys that know how to align these old cars, it may take a couple hours and cost but would you rather keep buying tires?

    Read this article to understand why you need these special shelby specs and it will help you be informed when you talk to whichever shop sets the alignment so that you can stress why you need these special settings. At the bottom of the article is a box you can print with setting instructions, cut/paste it into a document and print and bring to the shop. After they set the car and print your settings you can compare/verify to the sheet. Be sure you print the one for '66 because they are different than '67>

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  9. Hi,
    Just want to add, I used the specs provided by "2+2GT" as noted in the Shelby fields. I gave these to the alignment guy in a shop well respected and known for working on custom and classic cars.
    Again, good luck!