shelby gt-h...possible future gt350?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by lugnut427, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. just wondering if anyone here thinks that this new GT-H might be a precursor to a shelby gt350 for the future. it seems to have all the makings for it, what does everybody think?
  2. Not at it's current hp rating. But otherwise yeah I can see that.
  3. really? i would think the 325hp in the gt-h could be about right for a future gt350... cuz (and i could be wrong) wasnt the 68 gt350 rated somewhere in the 250hp range...which really wasnt too much higher than the 302 motor available in the non-shelby mustangs.

    sure, i'd like to see more hp for a future gt350, but it seems to fit that the current gt-h could spun into a future gt350.

    plus i'm glad that "shelby" is back across the rear of the just looks better that way (imo)
  4. While the first GT-350s were rated at 306 HP, 35 HP more than the 289 K code engines they were based off, you are correct, due to emissions regulations the 1968 Shelby GT-350s came with the same old ordinary 250 HP, 302 CID, 4BBL, hydraulic lifter engine that regular old Mustangs got. Later in the year the GT-350s did get aluminum intake mainfolds (after emissions approval).

    It is also questionable that the 1967 GT-350s really had as much HP as the 1965 & 1966 GT-350s as the 1967s did not have the long tube headers that the 65s & 66s did.

    In any case to me a real new GT-350 would need to have 35 more HP than a regular Mustang GT.
  5. It would be nice to see a gt350 but Ford may not get the gt500 off the ground.I heard a major problem with crankshafts flying apart and now Ford is considering cancelling the gt500.Ford better get their stuff together or they'll turn out like GM, building JUNK! I also seen on cnn that the v-6 mustang was the worse american car when it came to customer complaints.People wonder why Ford is losing market shares?
  6. 35 more Hp would be ok. But then it depends on how much they charge for it. Anything more than a $2k-$3k. And you could do it yourself.

    As for the GT500 having issues. Please post where you heard this info. So we are not spreading rumors.
  7. To be a GT350 it needs to have atleast 350hp IMHO, personally I think the GT350 should have a N/A version of the 5.4L making 385hp. Just like the Mach 1 had a N/A version of the Cobra's S/C DOHC 4.6L.:flag:
  8. ^^ Yeah, but with an aluminum block!