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  1. Several Shelby GTs are being offered on ebay already. I saw one with a buy-it-now price of $45,000. Some are bidding for the price you are willing to pay over sticker.
    What I found most interesting is the actual window stickers shown on the cars. Take the price of the GT, most are about $31,000, and then add the Shelby sticker. The sticker details what is added. The package costs $7,390 plus a $1,000 gas guzzler tax of $1,000, making the Shelby package $8,390 over sticker. That puts the sticker on most Shelby GTs at a total of about $40,000!! If you ask me, that's about $5,000 too much.
    My dealer, who has a Shelby now in Las Vegas for the conversion, said he thought $6,000 would be about right and that would be 100 percent profit for Shelby.
    I saw that many of the Shelby GTs had no bidders.
    Going to be interesting to see what happens.
  2. i just dropped off my new 07 back at the dealer on sat to have my stripes and a couple packages i paid for done. They just got in their Shelby GT. The car is the exact same deluxe package/options-color i had, 27k with the 8k shelby package added to it, total msrp was 36k and change. They had it Roped off with do no touch signs around it and had it listed as Taking Offers only. and they will not accept anything less then 50k. I went to the salesmen that just sold me mine and asked why he didnt mention they had one coming in when i got mine, he politely mentioned that with my down payment and credit score he knew there was noway id be able to afford it with what they wanted for the car
  3. I see the prices coming back down to reality pretty quickly on this car. When you think about it, the only difference mechanically from a GT are the 2 FRPP packs you can buy for ~ $2 grand and install yourself. After that, you're paying strictly for cosmetics and the Shelby name. Also, I don't have a problem like others do about the dealers trying to make money when they get the chance. No one feels bad for the dealer when a customer gets a good deal because the dealer is getting depserate to move product off the lot at the end of the month or the end of a model year.
  4. The GT 500 is starting to sound like a better deal.
    Is Shelby's name worth that much??????????????
  5. Team just sold theirs yesterday after only having it for 1 day on the showroom floor.
  6. I have the same issue with that package. I was working on placing a custom order for one with my dealer (MSRP) when the final pricing was announced. I thought it was overpriced, and I dropped the order and went with a premium gt instead.
  7. Gee I'm going to put a sticker on mine and sell it for $20000 more than it's worth. Some patsy will buy it.

    Easy message: nobody buys them they sell for list. Can't you people organise yourselves? ;)
  8. Guys forget about it. The Shelby GT is more a real Shelby than the GT500. There are going to sell well over sticker for quite some time.

    The GT500 STILL sells for way over sticker and isn't showing any signs of dying out. At least not here in SOCAL.

    It's a fact of life. Shelby's name on's gonna cost $$$. And people will pay it.
  9. My dealer told me he looks for the GT 500 to be at sticker or less by summer. The prices I have seen for the Shelby GT are insane, just plain insane.
    Twenty years ago I could have bought a one-owner 1966 Shelby, red, with 66,000 miles on it in perfect condition for $13,000.
    How many times have I kicked myself for passing on that one. I only passed because I already had a 1966 convertible and had just bought a 1966 fastback. I figured a divorce would have cost more. I still have the convertible (which I just raised the price on and it's many thousands over the original sticker.) I don't have the fastback and from what I have seen I need to kick myself for selling it. People are giving crazy prices for them to buy Shelby clones.
    I do have Shelby's autograph on my dash.
    Can I get an extra $1,000 or two for my car because of that??
  10. I don't seem to understand as to how the Shelby GT is more of a real Shelby than the GT 500 ? other than the cosmetic and body kit changes.. the Shelby GT is equipped with the very same FRPP power, suspension and drag packs from Ford Racing that anyone can purchase for under $3000.00 to upgrade their stock Mustang GT if they choose to do so..Therefore other than paying for just the Shelby name ? why in the hell would anyone in their right mind pay these Ford stealerships 8k more or god forbid even 10k above sticker when they can simply modify their Stang for let's say under 5k including both the cosmetic and FRPP upgrade packages ? it's no damn wonder why Ford's in the current financial mess it's in and until these stealership's get it through their thick skulls that the customer always comes first instead of worrying about the amount of money it may require to fill their greedy wallet's, handbag's or whatever you want to call them ? Ford's just going to continue losing more and more customers along with going even further into debt until it finally comes to the point when there's no longer anyone left that would be stupid enough to risk putting up their own money just in order to save them from their own destruction.. As far as I'm concerned ? the stealership's can keep both their Shelby GT 500's and GT's on their lots until they rot for all I care :bang:
  11. Amount over sticker price.....

    My Ford dealership inColma (SF Bay Area) will absolutely not let go of a GT500 for less than $20000 over sticker! :eek: Potential customers just walk away. I'll be curious to see what happens in the future.

    I tend to agree. If you want the performance and don't necessarily need the guys signature on it, then do the Ford Racing parts. The benefit of that is you can start with a GT with a much wider range color/interior and trim level possibilities. The Shelby dark charcoal interior is very uninteresting. If you like the Shelby look, throw a bumper cover and different rims/rubber on it.
  12. The Shelby GT is more of a real Shelby because the Shelby package in INSTALLED BY SHELBY, and the Shelby factory. The GT500 is strictly Ford.

  13. +1
  14. I recall back when these were announced that Amy Boylan from Shelby was saying the uptick shouldn't be more than 3500 for the Shelby GT. I guess something changed along the way. Considering they also added a wack more to the production numbers I can't understand why it's so much. I'd love to own a Shelby plated Mustang but I doubt that'll happen any time soon, not withstanding the fact that you can't buy them in Canadian show rooms.
  15. Greed is the name of the game. Sure a few dealers will make several extra thousand dollars up front from people with more money than sense. And those of us who might have bought a car if the price had been reasonable will be left unsatisifed and feeling as if Ford did us dirty.
    Immediate gain is great but if it leaves many customers angry what have you gained in the long run?
    Yes, the Shelby GT is built in Shelby's plant and the GT 500 is not. But don't think Shelby himself actually does the work or even saw the car. I doubt seriosuly that's the way it goes. His name is on it, period.
    Shelby is either 83 or 84. What's going to happen to prices when he passes? Will Shelby Auto shut down or will they keep on building Shelbys anyway? And what will happen to prices then?
    Ford said it was building a pony for everyone. Sounds to me like that's not the case. They are building special cars for those willing to pay and pay and pay. Why even have a list price?
    I am a long, long Mustang fan and I am disgusted by price gouging. I may looking at the new Camaro, if Chevy keeps the price reasonable and no more than sticker. That makes me sick to say, but it's the way I am feeling right now.
  16. I think this practice hurts Ford all around. With Ford trying to attract new customers away from Toyota with vehicles like the Fusion and Edge, what is a potential customer to think when they see $20k over MSRP on what is "just another Mustang" to them. They probably think "my friendly Toyota dealer doesn't do business this way." Ford cannot afford to lose any potential customers in their current condition.
  17. ive dreamed of owning a shelby since i could walk. But ive known for most of my life im not going to afford one. Sure it stings a lil when we heard that the shelby gt would be just a few k more then a standard GT and it turns out to be nothing but another price war, but no matter what car sells for what and whos #'s are on top this week. But id rather push a broken down 70s schwinn banana seated bicycle with a Ford blue oval emblem on it then to ever pay a cent for that ugly new thing Chevy is calling the camaro
  18. Heartbreaker vs Heartbeat

    At an auto show I attended last year, there was a Camaro prototype spinning around on a raised platform with a young fella touting this car. I called over to him and asked him when we should expect to see them. His response was two years out so I told him they were a bunch of teasers. There was nothing he could say to that.

    I suspect any 'plain jane' model could be had for a reasonable price. However with all the squeezing, teasing, and media hype, the real nice ones or specialty models will also present an opportunity for gouging. We'll see as the Camaro slouches forward towards production.
  19. I wasn't serious. I bleed Ford blue and I will buy Ford until the company puts itself out of business.
  20. Don't get me wrong, I'm also a very loyal Ford enthusiast as were my parents and grandparents before them..However if Ford continues to allow their stealerships to put themselves above their customers by greed and deceitful price gouging tactics ? Ford will end up putting itself out of business much sooner than you think...They continue to forget that if it weren't for their customers ? they wouldn't have enjoyed their so called 100 years of existence..