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  1. I would have told the dealer to do more than pound sand.
    I would like to have a Shelby GT. I am not going to say I wouldn't. But it will have to get very cold in a very hot place before I would even pay sticker.
    I think about $5,000 to $6,000 more than a regular GT should be about right.
    I have never paid more than sticker for a vehicle and I never will. I also have never paid sticker for a vehicle that I felt wasn't worth the sticker price.
    The sticker for the Shelby GT is too much. Period.
    I'm also curious about something. It is my understanding that each Ford dealer will be able to order at least two Shelby GTs but at least one of them must be an automatic. I read that somewhere.
    What do you think an automatic will do to the value of the car? Reduce it or any affect at all?
  2. This is just to be placed on the waiting list, my apologies for being unclear from the previous post...As there currently isn't any order guides for the 08 GT500 at this time :shrug:
  3. I would say in my honest opinion Stan.. an automatic would raise the value being that it's considered as an option on the stock Mustang GT although I'm not sure if it's also considered as the same price as the 5spd. manual on the Shelby GT. :shrug:
  4. I think the Shelby GT is WAY overpriced. If the performance parts list for $2000, what is Ford's cost? Maybe half that? Add the various other cosmetics plus labour and I still only see this as a $3500 pkg. Admittedly, there's tangible and historic value in "assembled by Shelby" but to me it's not worth $4000. Perhaps the Shelby heritage is simply lost on me (I'm 31).

    I do love the idea and execution of the Shelby GT. Styling that is distinct from a Mustang GT, but not cheesy or over the top, coupled with a small performance gain. I love that it stands out to other gearheads, but most "point A to point B" drivers won't know the difference (they'll just recognize that it has stripes, like many Mustangs on the road today.) But, I grew up in the SVT age. Quite frankly, I'd be happy to trade the Shelby name for another 35 horses (360hp total) and IRS.
  5. I did a little research ( base price in USD:

    1993 GT: 15747 Cobra: 20000 +27%
    1994 GT: 17280 Cobra: 22425 +30%
    1995 GT: 17905 Cobra: 21300 +19% CobraR: 34995 +95%
    1996 GT: 17610 Cobra: 24810 +40%
    1999 GT: 20870 Cobra: 27470 +32%
    2001 GT: 22440 Bullitt: 26230 +17% Cobra: 28605 +27%
    2003 GT: 23345 Mach1: 28705 +23% Cobra: 33460 +43%
    2007 GT: 26805 ShelbyGT: 36225 +35% GT500: 40930 +53%

    While the 35% price increase from a 2007 Mustang GT to a Shelby GT isn't unheard of for a Mustang special edition, it does seem steep when you factor in the upgrades involved in the transformation. Other SE's that had those types of price increases typically had completely different engines, brakes etc. I think the Shelby GT should be priced more in line with the Bullitt model (around 17% price increase for mild performance upgrades and subtle visual differences.)

  6. And no dealer markups!!!!
  7. The whole thing is ludacrice! (sp?) Company loosing money, needing extra cash from SEs, loosing customers from poor relations and seeming lack of care of their opinion. Its all happened before. Maybe not specifically with a car company, but if Ford wants to save itself, it needs to monitor and listen to us, the consumer. Watch forums like these. Read newspapers columnist opinions. Whatever it takes. The Mustang must LIVE!
  8. Sure the Shelby GT is overpriced, but in this case its got nothing to do with Ford's cost. You think Fords cost is half that? Wrong.
    This is how it works.
    After a dealer orders the Shelby GT, initially the Ford Mustang GT is built. Then its sent to LAs Vegas for the Shelby Upfit Package, which is charged by Shelby at $8500. When the dealer recieves the vehicles from Las Vegas, it still has the original price sticker on it and the price is simply calculated by adding what Shelby charged to the MSRP (plus adjusted market value by the dealer , which is a load of crap on this unit). I think its insance to even pay MSRP on these units cause all they are in reality is modded GT's at a very very high cost. I doubt it that any of the Shelby GT's will even gain any value. I think for that kind of money, its just better to by a GT and add the parts yourself and save tons of money!
  9. As far as I'm concerned ? Ford can keep both the Shelby GT and GT 500 sitting in their showrooms until they rot for all I care as neither one are worth the ridiculous mark up over MSRP these greedy bastards are guilty of...In fact I plan on holding onto my 05 GT for quite sometime as I'll enjoy getting the same amount of performance as the Shelby GT by cloning the hell out of it while also saving a ton of money in the process..:nice:
  10. Including the purchase price of my GT + all my mods and labor costs to date I am right at $31,435...I still have planned another $3953 in mods(that includes paying for the pre painted Roush parts:front fascia, quarter window louvers and rear spoiler; Roush Stage 3 Suspension; Steeda cowl hood and Cervini grill), which still puts it shy of $36K!!!!! Doing all this work to a factory stock GT is what makes modern hot rodding so darned fun:nice: Who cares about resale will have a ton of sentimental me!!!!!
  11. - I took these pics when I got my car serviced recently at Salinas Valley Ford in Salinas, CA. The GT500 was $79k ($35k over sticker of $44k!) and the Shelby GT was $58k (with $15,999 over sticker). S5031551-2.jpg

    - I really wasn't that impressed with the looks of the Shelby GT. The only diffence I noticed in the interior was a carbon-fiber style dash (which doesn't even look as good as the aluminum of the Premium Coupe Mustang GT), and it had a cue ball stickshift knob and a commemorative Shelby badge/plate on the center of the dash but the seats were identical to my Mustang GT (I expected some kind of Shelby logo embroidery or something). And, as far as performance, doesn't it have 325hp (only 25 hp more than a Mustang GT) - nothing to write home about. Are the suspension mods really worth $16k over sticker?

    - And here's a GT500 at Cypress Coast Ford Mercury in Seaside/Monterey, CA. Took this pic when I got my daughter's car serviced. It was $75k ($30k over sticker).

    - Both of those dealers also offer more bang for the buck than the Shelby GT with Roush Stage 2 and Stage 3 (Salinas) and Saleen S281 and 427 (Seaside):

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  12. For the markups on those 500s, you could buy one at MSRP and a GT premium as well!!!!! Or you could buy an '07 Z06 and have at least $5-8K to spare... The Roush and Saleens are definitley in the same price range as the Shelbys, but are superior because they are much better handling cars.
  13. Kooldawg, you can get the very same suspension and performance packages that are on the Shelby GT. from Ford Racing in fact I've had the very same cold air kit on my Stang for almost a year now that's designed for Ford Racing by Steeda so there's really nothing special about this car that warrants placing an additional $15k over MSRP in fact not even at over 8k is it worth it and you're absolutely right all that really matters is sentimental value so once again as far as I'm concerned ? let them both sit in the showrooms and rot..:cheers:
  14. a local saleen dealer has an 06 S281E for $63,000 thats the deal of a lifetime compared to these two cars in this thread. i would take a saleen extreme over the GT500 all day long.
  15. Wow. I dont know where the dealerships you guys are going to but those prices are insane.
    The dealership that I bought my 06 used V6 Convertible from had two Shelby GT's.
    Black with Silver stripes was $30k.
    And white with silver stripes was $38k
    Both are MSRP and they've been sitting for at least a month.
    Are those prices close to an 07 GT?
    Both are coupes BTW..
    They said that they sold 2 GT500s for a little over MSRP,
    And sold 2 Ford GTs for just over MSRP.

    And they are a saleen dealer, some of their Saleen's are close to $85k! Yikes!

    BTW.. I'm in NY
  16. These are some interesting numbers... great research! It looks like the 95 Cobra and the 01 Bullitt were the best valued SE models to get, with the 03 Mach 1 and 01 Cobra not far behind. For the increase in features and performance the current Shelby GT carries, I totally agree with your statements.

    Message to Ford.... wake up, because even most of the enthusiasts that make up your market for these SE Mustangs won't pay those prices, or the dealer 2nd stickers!
  17. Let those cars rot. And if Ford doesn't do something about this insanity, then the company deserves to go out of business.
  18. If you can believe this (and I think I posted this before) when I was in picking up my car last May my salesguy said we got our first GT500 in! I'm like cool, he takes me down to the basement where they store the $$ cars. I checked it out and in the process of chatting he said that the new car manager had just finished chatting with the other Ford dealers in the city and surrounding hamlets and they all came to an agreement as to what they were going to charge on the cars and that was between $72500 and $76500cdn (give or take as my memory is good, just not 100% exact this far along).

    So I don't know about you but that sounds like price fixing and I'm pretty sure it's illegal. I didn't say anything about that other than, that's insane. I particularly didn't care at that point because I had my GT and I love it but how much of this is Ford's fault and how much is the dealers in the end?

    I wish Ford could institute some pricing cap, I just don't know how they could without pissing off dealers or it being illegal in some fasion.
  19. As far as I know, there's nothing illegal about Ford controlling their dealers to prevent them from price gouging. In the finincial state Ford is in, I'm actually surprised they're not doing anything about it. It seems the very dealers that sell their cars are Ford's own worse enemy.
  20. Apple sets the retail price of its products. And dealers who undercut those prices don't get Apple products to sell. an ipod costs no less at Wal-Mart than anywhere else.
    Ford can take action.
    If companies got together and decided what they were going to pay for wages, etc. that would be conspiracy would it not? It sounds like price fixing to me and it definitely sounds illegal.
    The best way to fight this is to not buy cars with dealer markups. I pledge to never pay more than sticker for a car. And I won't pay sticker in most instances.