Shelby GT prices

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  1. We were discussing the inevitable "gotta have it first" markups of the upcoming Camaro over of the f-body boards and Scott Settlemire of GM said directly that federal antitrust legislation prohibits them telling what the dealers can & cannot charge for the cars. Remember the "S" in "MSRP".

    But Ford knows exactly what's going on at the dealerships, and they choose to doll the hot Mustangs out at a snail's pace anyway. They're basically telling the enthusiasts see, we can build the Mustang you've been dreaming of and then they ensure that virtually none of these enthusiasts will actually be able to get their hands on one. Value for the dollar has always been key to the Mustang equation. When the non-"special edition" garden variety V8 Camaro comes to the table with 400+ hp maybe Ford will wake up and remember that.
  2. How does Apple and other companies set prices then that retailers must abide by? Certain colognes and other products are also the same price no matter where you buy them. Why can they do it?
  3. it's a different biz

    Companies like Apple sell their products through retailers that sell a wide variety of goods, most of which they buy from wholesalers. The dealerships are more like franchise agreements with product manufacturers that fall under different state and federal regulations.
  4. Apple has its own stores too. Seems like some bureaucratic BS to me.
    Ford needs to wake up if it is to survive.