Shelby GT500 order now in Ford's system!

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  1. Just talked to my SVT dealer where I have the number 1 car...

    He has my order in! ..status "unscheduled". He tells me that means it is in Ford's system but they have no comittment to build the car yet. He is a large SVT dealer that also sells Saleens. He told me they are getting 4 cars and he has downpayment checks on them all.

    He also said Ford tells them they will be building them likely beginning in June. He also told me they will be building them by color. They will be running both coupes and converts down the line at the same time but will be ordered by color. For example, all the blacks will be built, then all the reds and so on. That means I may be the first to be in the order list but may not be the first one to get my car because another customer has a color that is being produced before mine.

    No pricing on the system yet....

    The excitement continues!


    Tungsten Grey Coupe with full stripes (Silver)
    Charcoal interior
    All other options
    :) :) :)
  2. did mine today too.Red with white stripes.Red leather accent interior with leather dash and console lid,shaker 500.:lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Exciting times! :)
  4. Congrats. That is the exact setup that I was intending on getting. Gotta wait and see what the actual price is going to be... sigh


  5. What did you guys agree to pay? (MSRP, MSRP+AMV, etc.) The prices on Ebay are getting silly!
  6. If you found a dealer to sell you the car at MSRP, you are a very lucky person! You should order two, and sell the other one for a profit.
  7. does anyone know what the Alloy Clearcoat Metallic is goin to look like!?

  8. The dealership i was working with screwed me. The sales guy agreed to sell it at MSRP, then when i drove down to order it (out of town), the sales manager said they were selling it for 10k over MSRP. I took my check back and left.
  9. me too!

    My dealer did the same thing to me. I was first on his list because I had asked them about getting one way before anyone else. When it came time to order it he said it would cost me $65,000. After I'd bought new cars from them since 1972. The sales manager acted like I was some kind of poor kid and told me I should buy a GT mustang. A rich chevy guy called him and told him to get him one no matter what it cost. He told him that he would. That's how I got bummped off the list.That chevy guy never has or ever will buy another car from that dealership.It's what have you done for me lately. Hello Dodge Charger!!!!!!
  10. My order is in for MSRP - and I work at the dealership. We are only getting 2 units - the other unit sold for $5K over MSRP
  11. Talked to my dealer where I have had a deposit on the car for over 1 year now. Told me that they were in the computer and that there was no pricng yet. I am down for msrp +2 but from my coversation with my rep left me thinking that they wanted to push me off the list. I am in the #1 spot and I notified them that I want the car. I have a bad feeling about this.
  12. Ford and their dealers are causing a lot of bad blood by their mishandling of the Shelby Mustang. I was ready to buy one, but after being brushed off by my local Ford dealer, I am going to wait for a Dodge Challenger or Chevrolet Camaro.
  13. Not all Ford dealers are bad

    Even if you get the other brand it still wont be the Shelby
  14. 01GT/03ZX9,

    I am just around the corner.. When you get yours in, let me know, I would love to stop by and take a look. By the way which dealer did you order from (Greenway, Reid or some other)?


  15. If the photos on BON are to be believed, it is a very dark grey, almost black.
  16. I heard there were 50,000 requests to FOMOCO for the GT500 and maybe up to 10,000 cars to be built. Wake me up when I can get one! Maybe next year if they build some in 2007.5 . The way gas is going up there may not be a GT500 or a camero or a challenger to buy! Premuim fuel may be $5.00 a gallon by summer. Talk about gouging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!