Shelby GT500 vs. '06 Vette Z06?? A decent comparison?

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  1. Could you even compare these two.. I know the Z06 is naturally apsirated, pumping out 500 horses stock.. but which is the better bang for the buck?

    I love Mustangs, always have.. and I think with the introduction of the SVT Shelby, it should take away the title of best value sports car from Vette. I know this sounds stupid too, espescially on a stang forum.. but is choosing a Mustang over an '06 Z06 a bad idea? espescially if you got the money for either one..
  2. Bang for the buck, the GT500 wins. Best sports car still goes to the Z06 in my book. Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  3. The two cars are not in the same ballpark, much less the same league.....

    The new Z06 is a WORLD class supercar performer and the best bang for the buck super-sports car around.

    The 07 Cobra will be a Muscle car/pony car and WILL NOT represent bang for the buck if its sold over MSRP, considering the base Corvette is in the low 40's too.

    I love Cobra's but the new Z is something very special.

  4. The Z06 is a car that you compare to the Ford GT / Farrari's / Lambo's at half the cost. The Z06 is a gift from the car gods to those who can afford it. Chevy will sell a lot of those cars! I have seen plenty in my area already.

    The Mustang Cobra GT5000000000 is a truly bada$$ car also, but it's just not in the same leage as the supercar Z06. It weighs (guessing here) 20% more and requires a supercharger to achive it's power output. Now, I am not bashing the Cobra at all, I would love to own one. But @ 40K, I can buy a corvette and call it a day. That is too much money for any pony car.
  5. The Z06 is just amazing. I like both but the vette wins hands down. That's my next car. I'll keep my stang til maybe my mid twenties or so and then get me a vette. I love the new C6 design. Just as much as the new mustangs. I drool over the new vette every time I see it. The Z06 is what every man really dreams of. Screw lambos and ferrari.. Chevy did something right :drool:
  6. Z06

    The Z06 is the only thing Chevy has done right in quite a while.
  7. first of all the z06 is making 505hp and secondly it is costing 30k more than the gt500. so i dont know if you can compare them.. i mean why would you want to? the corvette is pretty much superior to the mustang is every aspect of driving. so if you have the moeny get the z06, thats plain and simple. but if you wanna actually buy something that will increase in value buy the gt500 and invest in bonds, stocks or property. i mean for what you will probably be driving your car for you wont even touch the possibilities of the zo6 so why get a car that you wont fully explore what it can do? i mean your probably not going to use all of the gt500s power either. unless you are planning to put the cars on the track... thats just my $0.02 tho
  8. Yeah but they said the 505hp rating the Z06 gets it part of Chevy's new system where thats how much it actually puts out at the wheels not the flywheel. Not like the cars you see today (Like the mustang that says 300hp but at the wheels its like 260hp or something).
  9. A new Z06 with 50 miles just put down 442rwhp/411rwtq SAE. Remember, the car weighs in around 3150#'s. LG Motorsports then put their long-tubes and Red Line oil in the car, drove it around a bit for some more break-in and it hit 492rwhp/472rwtq SAE. That's with no tuning.......on a 3150# car. I think the GT500 will no doubt be able to equal those numbers with a pulley swap but overall, might have difficutly equaling the overall performance of the new Z06.
  10. To tell you the truth, with the success of the 03 and 04 cobras, I think that the new gt500 will be very hard to beat for the price. I imagine when Kenne Bell starts making a kit for the Gt500 it will be nothing short of ungodly. I mean the new 4.6's can produce 600 whp with little modifications. I'm really interested to see how much asphalt ripping horsepower can be gained from these bullet proof power plants. So if it was up to me I'd take the gt500 and wait for a few aftermarket goodies to turn it into a vette raper for alot less $$$$$$. :cheers:
  11. That 442rwhp was with a heak soaked motor....another stock Z06 put down 454rwhp on a Mustang dyno.
  12. Why do people write about the Z06 and $40k in the same thread? The Z06 will list for over $65k. So the bang for the buck equation will favor the price of the Shelby. We don't know about the performance yet but the vette will certainly have a 500 lb weight advantage. We should all be soooo glad that both cars exist or soon will.
  13. regardless of the price for the z06 it still comparable to cars that cost double its ammount..
  14. They are completely different cars. The Z06 is an old rich mans toy that gets driven on good days and then put away, like a Ferrari. The stang is for the younger guy who wants the most bang for his buck in a car he could drive everyday, but still has kids and a mortgage to worry about. Sure with enough mods one could always beat the other, but they really shouldn't be compared.

    The Vette is a sports car, the Stang is a Pony/Muscle car. They arn't really comparable, they focus on different strengths.
  15. Godzilla vs Rodan?

    Over 500 Million people live in America, only an elite few will purchase these cars.

    Ive got a better chance of seeing Godzilla fighting Rodan than I have of seeing a ZO6 race a GT500.

    At least where I live.
  16. Bang for the buck, gotta go with the GT 500. Like someone said, you're not going to use the extra perfromance the Z06 is going to provide under 99.9% of circumstances on the road. So you save all those bucks you saved in buying a GT 500and end up with a great, fun car.

    Now, if you compare the GT 500 to a C6, the decision becomes MUCH harder. With its much more reasonable sticker price (compared to the Z06), the C6 has to be considered the better bang for the buck. Remember, the Z06 is a crazy car but the C6 is no slouch. The handling alone makes it a better car than the GT 500. In short, if I was in the market for a GT 500, I would opt for the C6 and its slighly higher admission price.

    Now if you want four seats...then there's no decision to be made as the GT 500 is the only game in town for anywhere near its pricepoint.
  17. I don't know, I still think the GT500 might be better bang-for-your-buck then the base C6. The GT500 is going to be slightly faster then the C6 on the drag strip, and should handle extremely well. Not as well as the Vette, but it has the same suspension setup as the FR500C, which did do extremely well track racing. Plus with a $1,000 or so pulley change and a program your looking at 550hp or so, there is no way you could get that out of a C6 for that little money. It is atleast a $4,000 difference between the GT500 and the base Vette, I think you could make the GT500 handle just as well as the vette with that left over money and still have enough left over for a few little speed parts to make it even faster.
  18. I have a feeling that (for at least the 1st year) the 07 Cobra and the Z06 will sell for close to the same price... so bang for the buck will go to the Z06.

    Now, as far as "who would pay for an 07 Cobra when they could have a Z06 for about the same price?" Well... in the Cobra you'll have some trunk space and at least some back seat space. Also, look back at the 60's when you could pay more for a Yenko Camaro than a Vette, and the dealers couldn't give away those Dodge Daytona Superbird things... I guess it's all in the buyer...
  19. The GT500 won't sell anywhere near the Z06 price. Who would buy a sub-$40,000 car for $70,000? I could see $10,000 markup in the first year, but not $30,000. I don't think it will have any more of a markup then the new vette did when it first came out.
  20. Agreed. Though the GT500 is still in proto-type form, it probably will compare to a base C6 in the curves. Maybe even the Z51 optioned C6, like mine. I think with a 5.4 boosted engine, it will equal if not better it in a straight line. The C6 has some tuning issues (at least mine did) that kind of limits it in the straight line business. A pulley change and tune will probably just make it scream like a banshee in the straight-a-ways. Granted, a tune, long-tubes, intake and cam will make a C6 scream, it's very expensive. My cat-back exhaust cost $1200!! :notnice: Long-tubes are about the same price. Cheap speed (relatively speaking) belongs to the 03/04 and future Cobra's.