Shelby GT500 vs. '06 Vette Z06?? A decent comparison?

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  1. Not so sure about that. My C6 gets exactly what GM says, 28mpg when in 6th, freeway cruising. I've got a custom tune as well with a bit more aggressive air-fuel. I'm getting around 19-21 in town and 27-29 on the freeway.
  2. I'm sure it does, but a 427ci sports car wasn't exactly meant for freeway cruising :D I mean come on!! you know damn well it's meant for tire shredding, corner carving, petal to the metal fun :nice: Why else would anybody get one.
  3. I agree. So is my 364ci LS2, just not quite to the extent of the new Z06. Doesn't mean you can't get good gas mileage and no doubt the new LS7 will do just that when cruising from track to track :nice:
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if some people hit 27-28 mpg on the highway.
  5. Why Do People Compare Mustangs To Corvettes??

  6. They always were. There is a few articles from the late 60's comparing Stangs to Vettes. They are both American, they have both been around over 40 years, and they both are sold as sporty cars. Of course they are going to be compared, they are like the staple product of each company (Ford/GM).
  7. Right on! When my 2006 V6 is paid off (November 2008) it will be time to put the down payment on the Shelby!! Man, a souped up V6 for my DD and a GT500 for the weekends.... Does life get any better? :nice: