Shelby GT500 vs Monaro VXR in the UK

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by LV51FER, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Look away now if you're a die-hard Mustang fan. I should say straight away that the Monaro VXR is not your average Pontiac GTO but the UK version of the HSV which is way way better than the stock Holden item. Still, you might think modifying a GT is a better route:
  2. I should add that EVO magazine included the Roush Mustang 420RE in their Performance Car Of The Year test across these same Welsh roads and were more impressed ranking it 2nd in it's category behind the BMW M3CS and above the Nissan 350Z.
  3. The VXR is a very mean car . . . It has the HSV GTO front end on it as well. Europe gets the cool stuff . . .

    Holden and Vauxhall are often confused by me. Much respect to the Vauxhall in the article...I love the Monero and feel sorry that the GTO butchered it's name... With that said, everyone should look at the article on the stangnet home page about the GT500 anniversary
  5. The only thing I see there is a claim of more power but no detail and everything else adds even more weight - additional splitter, additional vents, additional mirror covers, bigger sway bars and bigger, albeit optional, 20" wheels, a light bar on the vert, extra gauges. And gee, it's lowered like it should have been to start with. So it will need more power to drag even mopre weight along. Given that Ford dealers think a stock GT500 is worth more than a solid gold efigy of the car, god only knows what they'll mark this up at.

    So I'm not overly excited by this car. When they produce a stripped out version aimed at performance not some chocolate box confectionery, I'll come back for another look.

    Shame really. Ford Eyurope took the once renowned Ghia badge and turned it into a Ford top of the range derivative which now means nothing. Looks like they're taking the Shelby name the same way.