Shelby GT500 vs. Saleen S281E

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  1. I'd take the Saleen anyday. That new GT500 was a cocktease for a year only for me to be disappointed. I was in a car show and someone pulled up in his brand new white 500 that he had picked up hours prior to showing up. I was extremely disappointed in it. it looks like a mildly modded GT with a bad engine in it. he said he forked out 60k:eek: :jaw: . im a mustang guy, always have been, always will be.... but its just a Mustang...
  2. Saleen is planning on possibly releasing an engine upgrade for the 2006 S281 Extreme. It will add another 100 HP to the engine for a total of 650 HP. That is pretty crazy.

  3. I had an 02 E and it was a nice ride, quick, handled well and was a real looker.
    I only kept it for a short time as I had a chance to buy my classic back and the wife said I couldn't have both. I bought the E right so I skinned out of it for almost even money (after putting ceramic coated headers, better exhaust and gears in it) In 02 a magazine did a drag test on the E and on slicks it ran 11.70's stock!)

    The new Shelby, well it's a Shelby and that means something long term and it will hold value longer thant the new E. But the Saleen E factory to factory will smoke smoke a heavy Shelby it in a straight line and most likely on the curves as well..... The E car though is cool because less people know of them and they are exclusive as hell, (should be for the $$)

    Roush - For me the Syling is way off (way off, ugly) and for $50K, I'll take a new vette, far more car than a Roush and way better looking.

    Just my 2 cents....
  4. Was the the Erie Flagship National Car Show? Cause I was there, and there was a guy who pulled in with a brand new white GT500, and parked next to the Saleens i was not impressed
  5. I say Shelby. But it would be pretty close, Price wise, Shelby all the way.
  6. I personally think this comparison is a bit skewed.

    Performance wise the 2007 S281 SC (465 HP) is closer to the 2007 GT500. The power to weight ratio is almost identical and the Saleen handling wins out.

    The 2006 Extreme comes out ahead in the power/weight ratio at 550 HP and the 2007 Extreme is even further ahead at a rumored ~600 HP+.

    I did this comparison myself and decided on a S281 SC back in June and couldn't be happier.

  7. Bear with me, because in no way am I taking aim at your car, I'm just tossing out what I've seen and experienced.

    Saleen's real-life performance versus advertised horsepower and weight never seem to "jive", i.e. magazines and individuals never seem to be able to achieve times at the track that you would "reasonably assume" you could achieve, given Saleen's advertised specs. What am I insinuating?? They never seem to make the power that's claimed.

    Maybe that's a thing of the past... We'd love to see some 1/4 mile times for your car, since this 465 h.p. package is new for '07 (conveniently in-time to compete with the Shelby). I'm curious as to what your car will actually RUN, real-life. Then we can assess whether it's an apt comparison to the Shelby. Saleens have a storied reputation with the magazines, for not putting proper numbers on the board. You'd think they'd get their press cars right.
  8. Beautiful car by the way... The Saleens visually push far more buttons on my excitement-meter than the Shelby does.
  9. There does seem to be a paucity of real-world numbers for the Saleens. I always figured it was their rarity, but despite rarity it seems the automags are always getting the pricier versions of everything to test.

    This is a good comparison and maybe the s281SC is the better care to pit the GT500 up against. The E seems to be in a league of its own if you're up for the best version of this platform. I might add, the 70+k price tag definitely puts it in a different category.

  10. Ricks, it is my understanding that those issues regarding weight and power are a thing of the past.

    Either way, I'm with ya. I'd love to see real world comparisons between the GT500 and the S281SC. I hope we'll see some in the coming year esp. given the upgraded HP rating the Saleen received.

    Also, thanks for the compliments. I chose the Saleen, in large part, because of the styling.
  11. The irony of it all, is that today's modern Saleen's are FAR MORE ANALOGOUS AND AKIN to the Shelbys of the 60's than today's modern GT500 is. As such, I believe strongly that this fact, combined with far more limited-production rarity, will cause the Saleens to be more Shelby-like in the collector car marketplace 30 years down the road than the Ford Shelby GT500 will ever hope to be. I'm not just sitting here badmouthing the GT500, after all, I'm waiting on one... It's just what I believe to be a valid statement.

    - Ex-racer-turned-Ford-specialty-car-builder
    - Headquartered in California
    - Sold new in specific Ford dealerships, but under his
    own "brand name"
    - Highly unique rear-end styling treatment differentiating
    from the standard Mustang
    - Multi-level offerings
    - Racing shop and active racing programs

    Saleen is like what Shelby was, all over again, 30-40 years later... You can even draw comparisons between the original GT40 and the S7 (of course, the S7 doesn't have a Lemans under its belt, but what the hell...)

    The new GT500 is really John Coletti's '07 Cobra, an in-house SVT job, sold-out and dressed up in Shelby-esque garb.
  12. Good points Ricks and I think this thread has really covered all the pros/cons of the two cars. Hopefully these thoughts will help people who are considering a purchase.

    Enjoy your GT500 when you get it. I know if I had space enough and money enough I'd have a GT500 as well parked right next to my Saleen :D

  13. Thats really good to hear. I was trying to hold out for the GT500 myself and I didn't see the prices drop at all, so I went with the Saleen for a lot less $$ ($40K w/4K mile) I been fortunate to drive the GT 500. I still want one. That 5.4 Could you imagine a GT500/ SALEEN like the Cobra/ Saleen:rolleyes:
  14. For sheer power potential the Shelby wins hands down. A shelby will put 420 to the wheels stock, over 500 with a tune and intake, and another 50-75 with a mild pulley upgrade. For handling potential the Saleen is going to win due to the much lighter engine, but its already at its power limit. I'm sure a saleen weighs 100-150lbs more than a regular GT, given the weight of upgraded brakes (if it has that option) and the blower setup. Last time I checked the Saleens were not coming with built motors, so the stock motor is pretty much at its limit. If they start coming with built motors that certainly changes things...
  15. ;)

    Good input guys.

  16. The S281 SC has the stock 3valve engine. The Extreme has a built bottom end which is part of the reason the price starts in the 70k range.

    So yeah, if you are no longer comparing stock vs. stock and looking at upgrade potential then the GT500 wins from the initial cost perspective for sure.
  17. I would honestly take a roush over a saleen. in the long haul your better off with the shelby i would say. better resale then a saleen to. no blue book on a saleen. trust me I paid 47k for an 04' speedster and not even a year later the best offer i got was 22k and that was froma dealership.
  18. Problem with Shelby is that next year, the car may drop severly in price. Unless you have lots of $$$, wouldnt you be upset if you paid $65k for a mustang this year and have it be worth less than 40k next year?

    You will not see that much of a price drop on the Saleen because the prices are not inflated.

    I was on a waiting list to buy the GT500. I will tell you two things that let the air out of my excitement, 1) the obvious, 15k-20k markup, and 2) the artical in C/D where the 400hp Corvette destroyed the GT500 at every level. Needless to say, I cancelled my order.
    5.4-liter, DOHC, 32-valve, 90-degree V-8
    500 horsepower, 480 lb.-ft. of torque (SAE certified)
    Roots-type Eaton supercharger and air-to-water intercooler
    Iron block, Ford GT aluminum heads, dual exhaust
    Tremec TR6060 6-speed manual transmission
    Rear-wheel drive, 3.31:1 axle ratio; Traction Control

    Wheelbase:107.1 in.
    Height:54.5 in. (Coupe) / 55.7 (Convertible)
    Length:187.6 in.
    Width:73.9 in.
    Weight:approx. 3,920 lbs. (Coupe)

    Front: Reverse-L independent MacPherson strut, 34mm tubular stabilizer bar
    Rear: Three-link solid axle with coil springs, shocks, Panhard rod, 24mm solid stabilizer bar
    Curb Weight, lb. est 3356
    Weight Distribution, F/R 53/47
    Fuel Capacity, gal. 15.7
    Wheelbase, in. 107.1
    Track, F/R 62.8/63.9
    Width 74
    Length 189.1
    Height 56
    Trunk Space, cubic ft. 13.1

    Type 4.6L, 3V, SOHC V-8
    Bore and Stroke 3.55 x 3.54 in.
    Displacement 4.6 liters, 281 cu in.
    Crankshaft Special Saleen Forged Steel
    Connecting Rods Saleen Forged Steel
    Pistons Saleen Forged Aluminum
    Exhaust System Saleen Stainless, 2.5 in. Variable Exhaust
    Horsepower 550 bhp @ 6100 RPM
    Torque 525 lbs-ft Torque @ 4900 RPM
    Fuel Premium Unleaded 91 Octane
    Saleen Intercooled Supercharger Saleen Series VI Integrated TwinScrew Supercharger With Two-Stage Water-to-Air Intercooler System; Cast 356-T6 Aluminum Alloy Construction
    Radiator Saleen Performance dual-core radiator and high flow cooling system
    Calibration Saleen PowerFlash™ performance calibration
    Intake Saleen Design Hi-Flow Inlet Tube and Air Box
    Fuel Injectors 39 lbs.
    Mass Airflow Sensor 98mm

    Transmission Saleen Quick Ratio 6-Speed Transmission
    Differential Saleen 4.10:1 Maxgrip™ Differential
    Clutch High performance clutch
    Flywheel Light Weight Aluminum
    Driveshaft Balanced Aluminum

    Saleen Aluminum Hood w/ Heat Ventilation
    Saleen Design Injection Molded TPO Front Facia
    Saleen Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
    Saleen Front Aero Ducting
    Saleen Design Injection Molded TPO Side Skirts and Door Cladding
    Saleen Design Injection Molded TPO Rear Facia
    Saleen Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
    Saleen Design Front Grille
    Saleen Integrated Front Turn Signals
    Saleen Center Body Panels (rear)
    Saleen Design Rear Spoiler and End Caps
    Saleen High Intensity Headlamps (HID)

    Saleen Designed Quarter Window Trim Optional
    This Saleen designed quarter window panel gives the S281 “Extreme” a unique race inspired profile by adding a body colored panel on the outside of the quarter window as well as a Saleen branded black-out panel on the inside.

    Saleen Scenic Roof Optional
    Extend your driving pleasure with the installation of a high quality tempered glass roof. The structurally sound glass roof is tinted and has been tested to meet all federal safety requirements. This option completely replaces the roof of your coupe and

    Springs Saleen specific rate front and rear springs
    Struts Saleen front struts (N2)
    Shocks Saleen rear shocks (N2)
    Control arms Boxed lower control arms
    Axle Three link live rear axle panhard rod
    Front MacPherson strut with lower control arm;
    Saleen Racecraft system including N2
    struts with linear-rate coil-over springs;
    1.38-in. tubular stabilizer (anti-roll) bar
    with urethane pivot bushings; specially
    calibrated suspension settings
    Rear Live axle located by three links plus
    a Panhard rod; Saleen Racecraft
    system including direct-acting,
    linear-rate coil spings and N2 shocks;
    0.79-in. stabilizer (anti-roll) bar; specially
    calibrated suspension settings