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  1. Does anyone know if the "font" that is used on the show car SHELBY lettering is? Are these chrome/satin letters available anywhere?

    I am curious because if the GT500 doesn't come with something like that on the decklid, I'm gonna put them on myself. :spot:

  2. I don't know the font etc., but I think the lettering looks absolutely sweet on the back - and at the same time shows Carroll the respect he so much deserves! Plus, it would be just so cool to just have his name on it. I want a signature to boot! with a picture of him signing! Now that would be awesome and add value to the car! :)
  3. It isn't a "font". It is a unique "word logo".
  4. I realized it wasn't a "font" per se, but I wasn't sure what to call it.

    Regardless, if someone wanted to put those letters on their GT500, who carries such items? Or, are these so unique that they will never match/look close to the show cars lettering, which I think is similar to the Ford GT lettering?

    My view is that if the production version (which we haven't seen yet) has a small SHELBY on the decklid to one side so as to not cover the 3rd brake light, and the decklid spoiler isn't changed to house the light, then I will do it myself. I.e. I want a huge SHELBY on the back! :damnit:

  5. They may put shelby on the back decklid but in small letters to the side
  6. I read that the lettering will be on the back if no stripes are ordered. If you order lettering. Same as the 1968 Shelby.
  7. Then I'm not ordering the stripes!
  8. Looks like my local body shop will have a striping order on it's hands....
  9. Lettering

    If they are going to be available on cars without stripes, then they will be available to purchase from the dealer. They have to sell them as parts, in case you need to replace the lettering on your car.

    So have your stripes and your lettering too.
  10. check for the shelby lettering on ebay, i think i saw some there for the original shelbys/look-alikes??? im sure you can make it look great
  11. No one knows if lettering is on/off with stripes/no stripes. It's all speculation at this point and until you are able to order one we will not know.
  12. To answer the original question, there was of course a font used when creating that lettering. A pretty common one colled Bank Gothic is close. A little alteration and it could be real close.....

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  13. 68 Shelby rear deck letter spacing

    Does anyone know how the Shelby letters are spaced on the rear deck of the 68 deck lid. I have the correct spacing for the front letter panel and they are not evenly spaced. Got those from either Mustangs Unlimited site or Tony Branda.