Shelby "Material" delays...

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Keith Lambert, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. My dealer has been telling me since May that he has no info on my GT500 (i.e VIN, projected delivery date, etc) due to "material" delays...

    He updates me weekly with the same email "Nothing to report", "still a material delay"...

    Has anyone heard any such reports? I read on another post about the Shaker 1000 not fitting properly? What's the issue...

    Any helpful answers would be appreciated. I keep getting this nagging feeling that my dealer is playing some kind of game with me...

  2. I've got the same ongoing status with my GT500, and I also ordered the Shaker 1,000. My dealer's owner is a friend in the hobby, and a straight shooter. He has no reason or inclination to B.S. me. I'm not worried at this point. Heck, I placed my order for my '93 Cobra in September '02, and didn't take delivery until June '03!! LOL!! Hope that doesn't happen again! But I've seen my share of delays..

    My '88 GT convertible was held-up due to problems with the convertible tops, so it got set to the side with a bunch of other cars in the same boat (I think it was Cars & Concepts doing the convertible work at the time) with a "hot tag" stuck to the windshield, and it was two months before it finally got it's top installed, and the car finished-up. Luckily, they must have assigned one of their best installers to the cars that were hot-tagged, because my car was delivered new with a top that fit as good as you would expect on a Mercedes. Not a ripple, not a seam out of place.. I knew the ongoing status of my car, because I had a friend within Ford who knew people at Cars & Concepts, so they kept an eye on things for me.

    My '93 Cobra... man, what a wait. I waited so long that I wound up buying a brand-X to drive, and my dad wound up taking the Cobra once it finally arrived, and he socked it away. It's still in the wrapper, about 20 miles on it.

    '97 Saleen S351, it was delayed for more than 4 months. The excuse was that Saleen could not get supplied with T56 6-speeds, because Viper GTS production was sucking the supply-chain dry.

    My dad's 2005 Mustang GT was part of that irritating delay on the interior upgrade packages...

    Delays happen, especially on 1st-year models. This one appears to be real, and your mention of the Shaker 1,000 possibly being the culprit is news to me, but that could surely be it..
  3. My local dealer told me that there is a shortage of the 1000 watt system. Because they also sell them in the GT Mustang. They have to fill those orders too.
  4. Material Delays????

    I too have called Ford Consumer Line and gave them the information off my order sheet. They said that there is a material delay. I asked what that was about, since I did not order the 1000 Shaker, Sirus or any other options with it. They don't have a clue whats going on. Fustrated in Pa:bang:
  5. Folks, from an insider here, all the "material hold" is that once the dealer has submitted the order into the order bank, it cannot be touched any further. Detroit dictates the allocation to the various regions. Otherwise, a scheduler from the region could simply schedule whichever order they wanted on behalf of a dealer (going against the allocation process). So this "material hold" means that your order is literally waiting to be scheduled, that's all.

    As for the Shaker1000 in a convertible, they are not being built, I don't recall the exact reason, but can research and get back to you.
  6. As far the shaker 1000 system not fitting properly, it is working fine in my GT500. Probably a material shortage as reported.

    Trust me the car is worth the wait. How much did you guys pay over MSRP (if at all)?