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  1. It's finally here. Enjoy!

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  2. Cheaper than I imagined I figured 43-45 for base on the hardtop and 48 for the Vert. Now all we need is the dealers to stop trying to screw everyone for over MSRP.
  3. Awww - look - the dealer invoice pricing is covered up...
  4. :shrug:
  5. Gas guzzler tax, yippie!
  6. The Ford dealership close to my house is getting three of them in and they are already bought. The guy was telling me they sold them for like $65,000. $20,000 mark-up. Thats a bit ridiculous.

  7. As ridiculous as that is, I thought the mark-ups would be higher.
  8. screw these dealers I will keep my 70 Mach 1,and 66 gt350 clone!Maybe I will wait for the new dodge and see if there dealers try to stick it to everyone.
  9. At 43k MSRP for Coupe, it is still little too high. C6 is a better buy for the money. C6 is almost 1000 lbs lighter and handle much better.
  10. markups are B.S. make more cars and sell them dont f--ing mark them up you knowhow much a dealers is making off each of those cars...:bs:

    P.S I went to go check out a ZO6 at this one dealer they were asking 25K over sticker we were shocked but you know its peoples own fault for paying them in the first place. If nobody paid that markup hell if everyday people stood there ground and said well lets see how good that car looks in that showroom for the next couple of months. And dont give me that supply and demand BS stop making ***** people dont wanna buy and make the cars people do want. Hell these manufactures are closing down plants with american workers in them and they need to make cars.
  11. I wrote to ford saying the price is too high, dealer markup as announced on was 20K+ making it over 60K....which would easily put me in vette, H2, boxster S price range. I am sorry but if this continues it will be old stangs, and I will never buy new again.
  12. Law of supply and demand. That is the way our system works. I used to get upset about it but realize that is why our country is so great. People are free to buy whatever they want as long as they can pay for it and the market will bear the price.

    I can't afford one but don't hold any grudges if a person can.

  13. Hahahahaa, They say that the greatest Power a person has is the "POWER TO CHOOSE" So choose to buy it now for $20K More....or wait a bit and buy it cheaper after a while-SIMPLE.

    That`s the mentality of the MARKET, new things are always expencive in the beginning but after some time they tend to depriciate...and the fact that it`s gonna be a "LIMITED EDITION" means that in 2008 you can buy it 30% cheaper :) :D........ooooh, I forgot-GOTTA BE THE FIRST TO HAVE ONE, If someone can afford it then why not . If I could I would Too-but do I really need it so Bad ?????-NO,

  14. What did you read? I saw 40K for the coupe.
  15. QFT. It was the sam with the 05 Stangs. Way overpriced, and marked up hard. Now you see new mustangs everywhere, and the prices are at what they should have been in the first place.

    Well I will be cruising in my 65 :D Its going to be fun running stock shelby cobra's and beating them :D
  16. Including destination and the gas guzzler tax, it is $42,975 before options.
  17. yea Patience is a virtue thats all! wait till next year they'll be 43!
  18. Amen!!!!

    I could not agree more! I can't afford a ferrari, but my hat's off to those who can!

    I've got one ordered through a small-town dealer, we still haven't received confirmation on the order, but I'm hopeful, and I cannot wait!!!!!!
  19. Dick Hannah tried to sell me a new 05 for only $9,999.00 over invoice. I'm not going to pay close to 40k for a car that should be selling for 26-27 k. Told them to blow it out the poo hole. That my friends isn't supply and demand in my book, just plain greed. Screw you, I can wait. I don't need to be the cool kid on the block the first day something new comes out. Tells me a lot about a person who does.