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  1. I wonder, out of all of those that do get the new Shelby, how many will actually drive the car? I hope to see it on the road sometime when they come out rather than never see one because they are sitting in a garage somewhere with 12 miles on it.
    For the money people are spending...most must be collectors or something.
    If I did have the money to get one...I would cruise all the time in it.

    Just a side note---I have an uncle in NC who had the money and bought 2 brand new Delorians years back. Never drove them. He had the fluids drained, and the car was "hermetically sealed and stored" in containers inside a warehouse so someday they will be opened up and put back together. He said they will still have the "new car smell" when opened and would be worth a lot of money in new condition like that. I bet there are similar goals for some prospective Shelby buyers as well, or is my uncle just a little too crazy. I would say the latter:D

  2. Had he invested that same money in one of many stocks or even a stock index fund back then he'd have A LOT more money then what he'll get for those cars. I believe Microsoft went public around the same time the Delorian was introduced. You can buy as much or as little as you want and preparation/storage fees for paper certificates is free. It's all relative. In my case, I'll stick with investing in stocks and DRIVE the car.
  3. I agree with you 110%! Just Imagineall the other bull**** we could put a stop to. If we stood together. But it will never happen.
  4. Well, as for the invoice being covered up, that means absolutely nothing. "holdback" is the dollar figure that matters. anywho, here's what I think:

    It'll never be a real shelby product. I don't care WHAT it says on it, Shelbys were tuner cars, not ford products with the shelby name on license. It was designed and built by the remnants of SVT. I won't buy some [email protected]#$ed saleen rehash ford pukes up in forty years, especially not for a 20k mark-up. This feels no different than if that were to happen.


    It's hideous. They changed WAY to much from the concept. It does not look agressive or clean. It looks like a big fat [email protected]#$ing cadillac.


    Speaking of, it weighs two [email protected]#$ tons. This is flat out unacceptable. Early seventies anyone? the cars are getting big again. By the way Ford, removing the rear tire and putting in fix-a-flat is not an acceptable means to reduce weight.


    Just in case my loyalty is in question, I still bleed blue, and I'm not getting rid of my lightning or my cobra. But guys, give me a *****ING break. This '07 shelby is not something I'd care to own unless I got a killer deal on it. We've only gone downhill since the 04 cobra.
  5. oh, and good luck collecting what everyone else collects. They're making an A**load of the damn things.
  6. i heard they were only making 3000 or so coupes...
  7. I have heard 9000 total, with coupes representing 70%, so that would be 6300 coupes or there about.
  8. My local Ford dealer sent me an email that they were getting ONE '07 Cobra and asked if I would like to be included on a list of interested buyers. They will offer the Cobra at MSRP, but it will be auctioned off to the highest bidder:lol:

  9. It doesn't burn me up so much people are willing to pay 20k over list. I do think it's a tad greedy what these dealers are doing, but i don't see that as the great wrong here. THE biggest injustice here is that every tom dick and harry dealer is getting one of these to sell, when i first heard this i thought it was great till i found out what was happening to the one coming to my local dealer. The owner of the dealership is buying it. That filthy rich #[email protected]# (you can fill in w/ any explicative you may please) is going to get this awesome car that the rest of us would have to give up body organs for a mere $43000. Even the salesmen are pissed because it's another fat commission they are getting screwed on. And in the salespeople defence they are really getting it handed to them because the owner did the same w/ the first 05 soup and vert. That is the biggest shame here, I'm all for supply and demand, but this is insider trading, and remember Martha went to jail for that!!!:bs:
  10. @#$% this stupid car. It's not built for mustang people, or even ford enthusiasts. It's built for people like my brother who think that racing stripes are a shelby trademark, and just "want a new shelby sitting in their driveway". The 03 and 04 cobras are the closest we'll ever come to having a mustang really built for us. I want SVT back, and I don't want them mass produced. 10,000 07 gt500s is not my idea of highly collectable.
  11. Exactly, they are making a TON of these, which is why all this hang-wringing and weeping and wailing is so ridiculous... Yes, some will collect and not drive, some will collect and drive occassionally for pleasure, and others will drive the wheels off of them. There will be PLENTY for EVERYBODY, so who cares if some guy decides to make a picnic table out of one??

    You don't know much about Shelby history.... 1965-1967, cars were built in California at Shelby's facility. But they were sold through Ford dealers as new-vehicles under the Ford and Shelby name, so calling them "tuner cars" is foolish. Furthermore, in 1968, all production was moved to Michigan, in-house, by Ford. So 1968-1970 Shelbys are extremely similar in concept and creation as the current 2007 Shelby.

    I think everyone needs to take a valium, and appreciate the fact that Ford is even BUILDING something like this! Are your memories so blotto that you don't remember that in 1985 we thought we had died and gone to heaven when you could coax a 5.0 LX into the high 14's?? And from a handling, structural, build-quality and fit/finish standpoint those cars SUCKED in comparison. Enough with the Monday Morning Quarterbacking...

    In 1968 a GT500KR, fully loaded with A/C, was a heavy car compared to its standard Mustang brethren, an expensive car compared to its brethren (from a percentage standpoint, the '68 Shelby was close to the same premium over a standard GT as the new '07 Shelby is over a standard '06 GT...), and was considerably slower yet more expensive than what you could get if you opted for a 428 GT no-option stripper.

    Yet a well restored '68 GT500KR easily tops $200,000 on today's market.

    What creates nostalgia and future collectibility runs FAR DEEPER than cold analytical facts and figures that you guys are tossing around.
  12. You need to brush up on your history.

    Yes, the 1968 - 1970 Shelbys were assembled in MI, but they were not final assembled by Ford. They were contracted out to A.O. Smith Company who "built them.
  13. It's the same thing that happened when I tried to buy an 05 in spring of 05. Dealers wanted 5 to 10 over sticker. I waited a year and bought for invoice. As far as the z06 goes, there are some people getting them for about 7500 over sticker. But, look what you get at about 73000. It's like when I first went to buy a GTO. The price adjustment was 10000 over, then dropped to 5000, then 3000, then msrp, then invoice, less holdback, monster rebates and I bought an 04 GTO that listed for 33490 for 20100 brand new.. Just wait, the price will come down.. It always does eventually.. Ford just needs some competition from a Camaro or a Challenger.. Then things will really get heated up..

  14. O.K., you're right of course, but you're really picking the fly **** out of the pepper here, I was brushing in broad strokes. I know my history just fine.

    '93 Cobra R-model final assembly was Creative Industries in Brighton.

    '87 Buick GNX's were put together at American Sunroof Company (ASC)

    Fox-body convertibles were finished up at Cars and Concepts.

    Most of the basic assembly and all body/paint work on the Ford GT was handled by Saleen, then the cars were wrapped up at Wixom.

    Does anybody want to step up and call any of the above cars "tuner cars"?

    Outsourcing final assembly was common, although it's not nearly as common today. I just was making the point that the 68-up Shelbys were pretty much a Ford-run deal, didn't intend to make a complex topic out of it. :)
  15. I thought they finally did away with the gas guzzler tax? My Dad went to our local stealership earlier this week because he put his name on the sheet they had a couple months ago to get some info on the car. He asked the MSRP and then asked how much he could walk out the door for. The guy gave a difference of roughly $11,000 and that it's a matter of "supply and demand". My Uncle works at the Chevy dealership here in town and they do honest pricing, no markup period (I know you might not believe it but it's true). My Dad or anyone else could walk out of there with a Z06 for $71k and he told them that. After that he asked, "are you telling me that your competitor dealership is more honest of a business than you?" The young guy didn't like his attitude and told him that and my Dad told him the same. My Dad bought most of his vehicles from there, even his 88 GT off the showroom floor back in the day. No matter what anyone says it's greed, just like the oil companies.