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  1. Did you guys get anything with your new Shelby? In my 09 all I got is the owners manual in the black case, that's it. Isn't there supposed to be a Shelby or SVT certificate? A form that says this is #XXX out of ????. A dash plaque? :shrug:
  2. What you got is correct. You can get the SVT cert by calling a number. I don't remember what it was but I got the number from another website. You will have to pay for it though... dumb. The dash plaque can be purchased on the Shelby website for a donation to his charity. It was 300 when I got mine...
  3. Ditto the above they dont give you much.

    I did find a little hidden item. I was under the car and someone took a paint pen and did the pink Breast cancer ribbon on my oil pan....:rlaugh:
  4. What you got was exactly correct. To purchase your certificate of authenticity, you can call 1-800-FOR-DSVT. It'll run you $45. To purchase the dash plaque, you can contact 1-702-405-3500 and the dash plaque with your production number, along with shelby sill plates will run you $399. However, if you make a donation to the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation ($250+), Carroll will sign pretty much any piece of gear (console cover, visor, airbag cover etc) you would like. (if you're looking for something else unique) For more information, you can find info at Welcome to Ford Performance, or Shelby Performance Parts LLC. Hope this helps.

    Dash Plaque Info:
    Dash plaque and sill plate kit: Interior &amp Dash Plaque - Shelby Performance Parts LLC.

    As a bit of more info, only the Shelby GT (4.6L "baby Shelby") came with a dash plaque for 2007/2008.