Roush Shelby's personal twin supercharged 427 Cobra sold for $5M!

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  1. Shelby's personal twin supercharged 427 Cobra sold for $5M. Now that is a big check to write!:eek:
  2. Wow!
    Was that on todays Barrett? I had it on this evening but didn't see anything good. Only a couple of American Chopper Teutul's shelbized mustangs sell for low 200's.
  3. It was on Sat evening sold to Ron Pratte. That guy has a BIG wallet and has purchased many cars in the past. He bought the first 2007 GT500 last year & the GM Futureliner bus for $4M+. This year he purchased the First Shelby GT for $600k (with rights to purchase serial #2) and Carrol's Twin SCED Cobra for $5M.

    It is a good thing his real estate business is doing well :)
  4. For some unknown reason I've found myself watching this year's B-J auction coverage on Speed. I suppose it's the morbid curiosity factor to see how some fools are easily parted from their money.

    I don't know what annoys me the most; the proliferation of fake Hemi or other "reproduction" muscle cars, referring to these fakes as "reproductions" or the idiots who are paying six figures for these fakes. :nonono:
  5. SVT, I agree with you 100% ! All this auction does is makes these cars unreachable to the normal car guy! Also it makes the average person that has a muscle car think it is worth 4 times what it is! Think about it you can buy a Superformance Cobra, drop in a new 427 with aluminum heads and install 2 paxton's for a lot less than 5 mil! A superperformance Cobra will out handle an original anyday! As far as i'm concerned these people are nuts!!! Also Barret-Jackson is robbing these people without a gun!!! Mark
  6. Sorry, the correct B-J euphemism is "recreation" not "reproduction" which in & of itself is an obvious misnomer because you can't "recreate" something that didn't exist in the first place.
  7. These people aren't nuts, they're stupid. Imagine all the good that could come from the money being thrown away on the auction block. I think they should come up with "fair market value" and then contribute anything over that to a worthy cause. I think it has become more about flaunting your money on national TV then anything else. Personally, it makes me sick...
  8. They DID dontate a ton of money to charity through BJ this year...
  9. It's not so much that people are selling & purchasing vehicles at inflated prices @ these auctions such as B-J; I don't have a problem with that as that is their respective decisions to do so. If people have that kind of $$$ to spend on cars, then more power to 'em.

    What bothers me is how these auctions have now embraced fake vehicles when in years past such fakes were shunned. I can still remember attending auctions in the 70's & 80's when fake Mustangs, whether Shelby's, GT's or Mach 1's were roundly rejected by the auction industry; both the auctioneers & the buyers. Now the auctions have done a 180 & are actively promoting fake muscle cars, such as all of the Hemi Mopars & big block GM cars, euphemistically referring to them as "recreations."

    So now anyone can purchase an old 6-cylinder or small block V8 Satellite or Malibu, drop in a crate Hemi or 454 & auction it off for six figures. What absolutely flabbergasts me is that there are so many foolish people who pay those six figure prices for such obvious fakes.

    As for the Shelby twin turbo Cobra selling for $5,000,000 that is another one of my pet peeves regarding auctions; e.g. the fascination with celebrity vehicles. I've never understood the appeal of owning a vehicle that was previously owned by a celebrity, whether movie or TV star, musician or any other famous person. Big F'in Deal if you now own a car once owned by Elvis Presley or Carroll Shelby. Who cares?!? That & the proverbial $5.50 will get you a cup of coffee @ Starbucks.

    I guess I just don't get it. :shrug:

  10. I don’t think the auction has embraced the buying and selling of fake vehicles at all, they are only providing a marketplace for willing buyers and sellers to get what they want.

    The reason why fake cars were rejected in the 70’s and 80’s is because most muscle cars were relatively affordable and within reach for most collectors, so there was no real reason to have a fake car. Not to mention, most clones were not even good clones! Today’s clones look almost identical to the real thing….

    Now the real cars with historical significance/low production numbers are way out of reach for most collectors, but collectors still want an affordable car that they can have & drive, so they buy a clone and know exactly what they are buying. At least these recreation cars are advertised as such and the sellers are not saying that these are the real deal, duping would be buyers. I don’t have a problem with a recreation anything as long as the owner/seller represents that car accordingly. I would rather have a Cobra replica than the real thing so that I could drive and race it without worrying about wrecking a piece of history. I would rather pay $100k for a fake car that I can’t build for $150k and enjoy it more than I would if I paid $2M for the real deal.

    I agree with you in not understanding the appeal of owing a celebrity car, but some people do and are willing to pay more money for that history. My old S-351 Speedster 94-11 was originally owned by Steve Saleen, built by the Saleen Race Team, and then sold to Brett Bodine. Does this matter much to many people? Not really, but nobody else could claim the same about their 94 S351 and I would have been a fool not to point out the historical facts when I was selling the car and try to get a higher price because of that information.
  11. I saw that too!! Holly Cow.
  12. What's cool is I worked on the Cobra and accidently put a big chip on the inside of the passanger door with a Batt jump box. You could still see the chip when the camera panned over the car.
    I was working for a buddy in NC about 10 year's ago just before starting PAS, we sold exotic cars. He owned the Cobra for about 6 months and Ithink he sold it in the 300K range. My brush with greatness and 15 min of fame all wrapped up in one.
  13. That chip was probably why it sold for "only" $5M instead of $10M... :D
  14. good job mark LOL, did the guy know or did you pretend it didnt happen?
  15. TIM
    Come on give me a little credit.He was there reaching for the box. Yes....we later laughed about it,he was a cool guy. Stuff happens and I used the jump box on it all the time.