Fox Shift Boot And E-brake Boot Install - Redline Goods

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  1. I've been doing a lot of work to the interior of my Fox trying to get it finished up so I can move on to other areas. I recently installed new floor mats, seat foam, and vinyl upholstery. I finished my console refresh today by adding a new leather shift and e-brake boot from Really turned out nice. It's like a new car inside. I think I can call the interior done at this point:)

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  2. Nice. Looks great!!
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  3. Agreed. :nice:
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  4. I'm kinda believer in working from the inside out. Unless you're one of those people who spend all their time working under their stang, or standing and looking at it, since you essentially spend most of your time in the cockpit, it's what you interact with the most. So having your interior all squared away is a good thing. Looks really great! And I'm sure you'll get a huge feeling of satisfaction every time you get in to drive her.
  5. I'm the same way. Once I've got all of the mechanical stuff running and functioning as it should.
    It just feels good to get into a clean, well detailed cockpit. I've seen so many cars that look pretty nice from the outside and then you look at the interior and it looks ragged out. I just think it shows a lot about the care the owner put into and really ties everything together. Appreciate it. :)
  6. I have the Handbrake Boot from Redline, it is very nice.
  7. I have both from Redline as well & the quality is great IMHO....
  8. Looks awesome, I like the A/C knobs straight up too when not in use :D
  9. I'm another with the redline goods ebrake and shift boots.