Shift Kit?

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  1. Anyone know what kind of shift kit would be best to put on a 2007 v6 automatic mustang? I'm used to shifting bc before I had this as my daily I drove my 1980 Malibu which has a shift kit in it... && boy do I miss my hurst shifter :( I heard B&M isn't all that great and transgo doesn't work well in the later models. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I think now most are controled thru the tune to the ECM. Do you have a tuner? :)
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  4. Not yet, thinking about an sct? I haven't ever worked on a car that was less than
    20 years old that isn't carburated... Or fords lol I'm new to fords period. Can you tell? :)
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  5. I have driven FoMoCo automatics for years and have always shifted manually when I am "playing"... especially on wet or sandy roads...

    The first thing an automatic does when the tires loose traction is DOWNSHIFT!

    To this end, the new trannys do not need old school shift kits, but the shift pressures can be stiffened up with tuners like you mentioned.

    The B&M setup is ghastly ugly and the Street Fighter doesn't ratchet downward like the old B&Ms did... unless they fixed that oversight since the last time I checked?

    The stock shifter is pretty damn robust if you ask me!!

    I have been manually shifting it for 140,000+ miles and there still is NO slop in the shifter.

    It may not be the greatest, but it gets the job done.