[shift knob] too hot to handle, too cold to hold?

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    I drive my Mustang year 'round, so environment temperature is a concern. I don't want to shift holding a hot piece of metal in the summer, nor do I want frostbite when I grab gears in the winter time. Thanks for your input.
  2. If it is solid aluminum I am sure it gets hot. I have the hurts t-handle, and it gets hot enough to blister my hand in the summer. I keep a koozy in the car to put over the shifter when I have to park it in the sun.

  3. [cough-cough] SISSY [cough-cough]

    I have a billet aluminum handle and a vert...it does get slightly hot in open sunlight but not too bad. Winter its no big deal since i wear gloves when i get in and the heater warms things up quickly...
    buy it!
  4. check out MRT's line of knobs. simple but nice :nice:
  5. I had one just like that on my old 04 and with my steeda shifter it got hot. Not hot enough to burn or be uncomfortale, but definatly hot.

    It was cold in the winter but again not too bad.
  6. I have that exact knob, it def gets hot in the summer especially if the sun is beating on it (puttin a cloth over it when parked helps) and there is heat soak from the tranny esp if u have an all metal after market shifter. During the winter it gets ice cold and takes a while to warm up from the tranny. I usually wear leather gloves in teh winter though. However I love how it feels when rowing through the gears and it does look awesome.
  7. Buy yerself a nice pair of driving gloves :) Problem solved.
  8. I have the same problem with my Steeda shift knob.. But what I do is when it gets HOT in the summer, I just put a baseball hat or a rag over it. That'll keep it from getting AS hot, but then you still need to get something esle to grab onto it with in these dang Arkansas Summers :mad:

    I learned my lesson the hard way in the summer. I put the knob on and let it sit outside in the hot heat for about 3-4 hrs. Came out, drove it around and didn't pay attention.. Then I felt something burning the crap outta me and I had the GT logo branded into my palm :(

    Just keep something in the car that you can put over it and will allow you to shift without getting in the way and you'll be good to go. :nice:
  9. Cool. Then when you get home, the koozy can be taken straight to the fridge… :cheers:

    Good input, especially coming from a vert owner—the sun pounds directly on the hardware.
    I wear leather gloves in the winter time as well. :)
    Between the heater and the transmission, I think fall and winter are going to be fine. It’s the summer I am worried about.

    I will, but I am going for upgrading my interior identically to the IUP package.

    Thanks! :)

    I was waiting for some Mach brethren to chime in. ;)

    I do have a Pro 5.0, so heat soak was a prime concern, let alone the sun beating down on it in the summer. As I said above, I have gloves and winter is not a huge concern—it’s the branding of the shift pattern my palm could receive on a 90+ day I’m worried about! :p

    I have some winter gloves, but may need to pick up some summer ones as well. Know of any good pair that might be adequately vented?

    Here's the kicker now, so I should have mentioned this earlier. 99% of the time, my car is in the garage at work or in the garage at home. I am now thinking the heat in the summer won't be enough to counteract the eye pleasing effect of it. :)
  10. It never was a big deal to me. I love my Steeda knob, so I dealt with the heat every now and then. My car was usually parked inside the garage as well, but on the days when I went out to town and had to park in parking lots and stuff was just not a pleasant greeting grabbing onto the hot shift knob if I hadn't remembered to put something on it. haha :D
  11. Yeah my car came with that knob when I bought it, that bad boy gets blistering hot in the Alabama heat! It has branded the gears into my palm. Plus when I held it for awhile my hand will get sweaty and start to slip of during shifts. :notnice: I have the CDC T-handle on it now have not had it during the summer yet but it is definatly easier to grab hold of.
  12. :nice:

    Hmm, hadn't thought about the sweat aspect and slipping off the knob during spirited driving. Good point, but some driving gloves should counteract this effect.

    I'm shooting for getting the interior to look like the IUP, as these mods will help resale value a bit: it was an added option at point of sale, so it cannot hurt to add it after the fact.
  13. Oh yeah those are some MJ type Beat It/Billie Jean gloves :nice: I do think you are required to be atleast 55yrs old and have at the minimum a Corvette but preferrably a Lambo/Porshe/Ferarri to own those.
  14. hah in the winter its like holding an ice cube and in the summer its hot enough to be painful unless you cover it while parked.
  15. U couldn't have just said :stupid: to my post.
  16. they dont look that great, especially if u have to have cold hands in the winter and get burned in the summer. lol
  17. I respect your opinion, but I like it better than the faux leather stock piece and my goal is to appear as though my 2004 came with the IUP package. :)
  18. hey its your hands man ;P
  19. have that same one. Not too hot in summer. Really cold in winter tho. buy some goves to drive in. Looks vs pain LOOKS > pain suck it up