[shift knob] too hot to handle, too cold to hold?

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  1. I leave a crown royal bag over my aluminum hurst shifter lol

    I hate dealing with the extremely hot/cold shifter handle.
  2. i have that one and a pro 5.0 shifter in san antonio and it gets very hot. I keep my stock shift knob in my glove compartment and if i am away for a while ill put the stock one on and put the bullitt one somewhere under something or if it gets to hot to drive with ill put the stock one on too.
    i had it for about a week and took it off.
    (hurts your hand when slamming gears also)
  4. Just something you have to learn to deal with if you're gonna put bling in the cockpit. :D

  5. Nice...what's that mess on the passenger side? :nono:
  6. :lol:
    Hamburger buns for feeding the fish at the park, a club decal I've yet to put on, and the box the knob came in.
  7. It's pricey but u should get the Bullitt/Mach 1 trim ring, looks sweet.
  8. That's on my IUP list. ;)

    One cheap-ass mod at a time. :nice:
  9. I had Mach1 knob. But because its too hot to use, I went back to stock one.
  10. MGW has some nice ones.


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  11. I went with the stock 2005-06 stock premium knob on my 04 GT.....I think it goes really well with the silverish center dash and shifter surround. Looks good, good control, comfortable, and doesnt get too hot or too cold;)


    It looks much better ON the shifter........

    The potential for 3rd degree burns is what turned me away from the bullitt style knobs.
  12. super spiffy
  13. I just Jacked 2 Hurst Shift balls from Kragan Auto yesterday. A Black one and a white one....saved money by stealing......i used to have a 365 Gram shift ball that was metal but it was kinda small...these hurst ones are not bad...especially if its free!!!!:D
  14. I have the MGW T-Handle.. doesn't get too hot or too cold. The aluminum plate on top with the running pony is effected by the heat, but hasn't ever gotten too hot.
  15. i have the regular black knob on my 05, and it gets hotter than a mofo in the summer. i throw a micrfiber towel over it in the summer. hope that one does not do the same.

    tim, that knob looks good, but isnt that $$ coming from the new gears fund?? :nono:
  16. Let's just say I got a killer deal on it. ;)
  17. sure you did
  18. It's because of the shiny plastic part covering the H-pattern. How does the IUP shift knob feel in the summer?
  19. That shift knob looks great Tim! Remember if you are screwing an aluminum shift knob onto an aluminum shaft you must use antiseize.