1. While restoring my DD, I totally forgot I installed just the Tri-Ax lever back in the day. So I need to update this stock bottom part. So I called MGW and they no longer sell the Old design shifter, they have a blocky one that looks too odd to me and it just came out this year. I wanted to pull down the boot and show off that cool design of the Old design. Am I stuck with only the Tri-Ax option now? Btw I do love the look and feel of the Tri-Ax lever, so I don't feel it's a bad choice. Did not see the Old MGW on ebay either, who sells them that might have one in stock??
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  2. I have no idea to help...just wanted to say I want one!!
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  3. I know, when I called the lady said they are not in production anymore :(
  4. I have heard great things about those, but just to keep everything in perspective they were by far and away the most expensive shifter. I dont see them getting any cheaper. Whats wrong with your tri-ax that you want to upgrade? I run a pro-5.0 and its night and day over stock. It's an old design but still kicks ass.
  5. Yeah i read where they are more expensive :eek:
    My lever bolted on to the stock bottom part, it works good for that Tri_Ax feel but i still get locked out here and there with the stock bottom portion. It was never upgraded, I just bought the lever for like $25 bucks. Need to upgrade the entire thing now.
  6. ahhhhh..... I love my pro 5.0. throws are MUCH shorter and the shifts are solid without feeling too clunky.
  7. If my car wasn't a DD I'd try the extremely short throw ones but I like a little feel with the positive engament process of a DD. Good middle ground one.
  8. as long as you have your stops adjusted correctly I dont see how you could go wrong. I DD'd mine for a long time and no issues. best part was eliminating the long throw to 5th gear and having to reach halfway across the cabin.
  9. Im running the TriAx lower with the old Steeda Comfort throw upper. I set my drivers seat back a good 3-4 inches and was having a hell of a time reaching the TriAx lever with out leaning forward in the seat, which was not even possible in a 5pt harness.

    Still has a pretty short throw to it. But they are out of production AFAIK.

    So, I guess my info was useless. Ill take my $.02 and go home.
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  10. Ah crap wrong tranny all together :bang:
  11. Good news, I believe I found a lone dealer that may have them in stock. After I can confirm and get my hands it, I'll post the webpage cause I'm not sure what's still in stock of the old design. That woman who said they are no longer in production scared me :eek:
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  12. Please let me know if you find them ha-ha.
  13. Here's a pic top left of the old design, there are a couple different colors with shorter throws, just scroll down and look for those pics. I like the red and blue one. The price that I've seen with this lone vender is $219.95, they also ask which lever you want, I'm inquiring of stock levels and the price to get all or add one etc, ....let ya'll know when I here back, cross your fingers!!!

    https://www.google.com/search?q=mgw shifter&client=tablet-android-samsung&source=android-browser-type&hl=en-US&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=Ts8EU6XBNYmosQTN9YGgAQ&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAA&biw=962&bih=601
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  14. Gotta love a MGW shifter!
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  15. New handle looks interesting. Looks like it offers a lot of adjustability. I wonder if it will retrofit onto the older base?

    A few years ago, i traded my Tri-Ax for an MGW shifter with orange handle and have loved it. If i can find a red handle, that's the one I'd install
  16. The lady told me the new block design was a whooping $375~ish :eek:
    That thing would have to coverd, it's so non~appealing to the eye.
  17. $375????

    MGW's website lists them around $200ish.
  18. Maybe she miss quoted me :shrug: I didn't look into the block pics or price.

    But I have GREAT news!!! I placed my order and when it ships tomorrow I will fill everyone in on the Good and Bad news of what's left :nice: what I purchased totaled $245ish.
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