1. I got my MGW last year about a month before they started shipping with the new handles.
  2. I'd like a different short throw with a long handle curved towards the rear of the car so I don't have to try so hard power shifting 3rd.
  3. Which handle(s) did you get and whats your thoughts on it??
  4. In that google link, mine is the very first one. If you don't have long arms, I'd go Steeda. I haven't noticed this MGW being any better than my Tri-ax, but it is shorter.
  5. Yeah I will try and take some comparison picks against that Tri-Ax lever, angle etc. Believe the Silver and Blue one's are the shortest one's and the red is the middle one and orange is longest.
  6. Ok so the UPS tracking code has been sent so here's the Deal-e-O!!!

    Turns out that lone supplier calls in single orders and does not do bulk from them. Soooooooo I recalled MGW and spoke with another person and got her to scrounge the entire warehouse searching for any Old shifter boxes put away etc, ....she came back and said they found 2 orange levers (largest ones) and 5 or 6 silver ones. Seems the silver ones are the rare ones of color so I told her I would by the shifter with both orange and silver levers. So that leaves 1 orange left and 4 or 5 silvers left.
    All these handles are no longer in production, so this is it and whatever you can find on the classifieds from previous purchases. Here's the number 706.793.1770 they are located in Augusta, Ga and they will install your shifter with a purchase and scheduled install time. If you live in Ga $12.99 tax is added to your purchased :shrug:
    They also make the sleeve nuts that cover the excess threads and tighten the shifter knob ball. They have a small fitting $2.00 and a longer one $10.00, I bought both cause I'm not sure what look I like with what knob, so I have options :nice:
    The new shifter box style levers uses the old bottom portions, so all the levers interchange if you want to swap from box style or old design. This is what the new lady told me and I'm just passing that on.
    So I found some picks online of the handle angles and this rare silver one looks like it has the angle of the red one. Which makes me happy cause I really wanted that angle, from the MGW video you can take the middle lever and slide I it up on the shaft causing it to be longer like the orange or slide it down for a shorter throw like the blue one. From these picks notice the blue angle and then look at the silver one, the silver one is angled slightly :banana:

    .....hope this helps anyone searching for these and good luck to the first come, first serve peeps on this. I'll post pics of my install but for now here's the lever angle picks

    22403660033_large.jpeg newhandlecomparo.jpeg 11-02-06_1100.jpeg
  7. That's some good info and a cool looking shifter. I'm curious, do you know differences between this and a Hurst short shifter? That's what I went with because my mechanic recommended it. I had no experience with any, so I let him decide.
  8. I have no experience with any shifter other than my T5 with just the Tri-Ax lever. Pretty limited so I was trying to help out with what I was doing. I really like the look of that Tri-Ax too, so I'm hoping this is also a top choice for me once it's installed. Really like that silver color on Both those levers :nice: I do not like covering it with the boot, I like showcasing the center console stick. I'll try and find an old pick of what I got and them I'm using.
  9. Here's my look I've got now, trying to stay close to this color combo...

  10. Yo my shifter's in :banana:

    IMAG1027.jpg IMAG1028.jpg IMAG1032.jpg IMAG1025.jpg
  11. First thing I noticed is the round cylinder is all silver on the new T5 lower, doesn't have the black edged cylinder in the middle like the previous pics, 2nd they did away with the cut spaced inside the lever at the cylinder insert. Came with a gasket and all hardware plus I ordered the two types of spacers.
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  12. Cool. Great looking interior!
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  13. The more I'm looking at the pics the more I see of how raw and unfinished these last piece's are, they don't even have the round edge near the center cylinder perimeter.

    Edit: found some different styles that they produced, pics below...
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  14. 100_9256.jpeg

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  15. so now that I've got a few pieces together, I mocked up my potential shifter set up with the spacers on the shifter thread. Here's a couple pics of the two colors, the silver one needs to be polished cause that brushed look is terrible when the light hits it.

    IMAG1035.jpg IMAG1037.jpg IMAG1036.jpg IMAG1038.jpg IMAG1040.jpg IMAG1039.jpg
  16. The silver one looks good in the pictures but I agree it would look bad*** if you polished it.
  17. I definitely like the silver one. Would love to see how it turns out after you polish it!
  18. Yes I really like the idea of the silver being polished alot :nice: that color goes with my theme inside my car as above. I painted the aluminum switch plate at the ash tray black. So the focal point will still be the shift handle like before but it's gonna have a little flare being polished. So here is my next delima, the silver is the same size as the red one(maybe blue) as pictured above from the orange one. I'm not sure if I will like it being a DD after it's polished, being a tad short :shrug: I'm wanting to have the orange one powder coated a different color or polish it silver also. What do guys think on color choices or just make it silver polished?? Colors I thought of was silver, deep red metallic, blue metallic, lime green.
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