1. I kinda like the old handles better.

    The red and blue handles were the original set you could get. They were the same with the obvious difference that the blow was shorter giving it a shorter throw. I installed a red handle in my 2003 GT and loved it.

    Then MGW redesigned the handles and came out with the silver and orange handles. They were the same again, with the silver being shorter to descrease throw slightly. I *think* that all 4 handles will work on both the original and 2nd gen base. Not sure about this one.

    Not sure about the brand new 3rd gen handle. The handle looks like it offers more adjustability, but unsure if it will retrofit onto older bases. If so, i'd like to try one.

    Once in a while on Ebay, a solo handle pops up. I missed out on a blue handle a while back. That's the one I want. Silver handle would rock too. I should pick one up to replace my orange handle
  2. I just dropped off the silver handle to be polished, for $10 ...saweeet. Think I will install the shifter thursday and use the orange one til its ready. Then give them my orange one to be worked.
    That other lady I spoke with said they would interchange between generations. If anyone who lives near atlanta who wants to confirm it after i install my base, we could check it.
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  3. There were a couple different generations of the blue and red handles also. The early versions didn't have the two Allen head clamp fasteners like the orange and silver handles. They used a fancy nut on the threaded shaft to clamp down on the handle.
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  4. I seen a pick of those too, they have a complete circle that slides over the shaft like you said. One would have to strickly have that base model to operate.
  5. I remember those now. Wow...really digging into the way-back machine.
  6. Think these are the ones....

  7. Ah! i remember that one now. Wow, i'm feeling nostalgic now. That was prob circa 2003ish?
  8. It has a more Teal Blue to it than the other blue, I think it looks pretty good.
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