Shifter Id And Shift Stops

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  1. How can I tell if I have an aftermarket shifter or a stock shifter? I popped the cover off and moved the boot, I didn't see any markings, but not sure where to look. I noticed it has two bolts, one in the front and one in the rear that seem to stop the shifter from moving too far. The reason I ask, is that when I try to shift from 1st to 2nd, most of the time it gives a little grind and doesn't want to slide in, I have to just pass 2nd and go into 3rd. Recently I noticed it is starting to happen when I shift into 4th, I have to pull a little hard on the shifter to get it to stay, if not it pops forward. No real issue noticed with reverse, always been odd to put it in reverse. Shifts without issue into 1st, 3rd and 5th. I was told it could be shift stops, if I have an aftermarket shifter, thats why I ask about the identification. Also told, if its the stock shifter, I should switch to an aftermarket and that its probably not an internal transmission problem, since 2nd and 4th have different fork somethings. The transmission is a very foreign thing for me to work on, I am still learning all the engine stuff. Oh, I did notice that with the boot off, when I shift into 4th (just sitting there, not moving) the shifter comes into contact with the rear bolt I mentioned above.
  2. thats not a stock shifter..pull back on the shifter and adjust the bolt while pulling back so that there is a slight air gap and doesnt touch the handle...after theyre adjusted..if it pops out still issues is internal..bad syncros etc. grinding is bad syncros

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  3. Early Mustang SVOs came stock with a Hurst shifter. The shifter does have shift stops on it. I have one in my 1992 LX.

    BTW, grinding and popping back out of gear is not something you want a transmission to do. Check with people that are more knowledgeable, but I do believe you may be getting ready for either a rebuild or a new tranny.
  4. I went ahead and adjusted the stops, and shifting just sitting there I could definitely feel the difference. Drove it around a bit (while checking on my oil psi issue) and it shifts into 2nd and 4th ALOT better. Thanks!