Shifter plate question!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by mo_dingo, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I have never seen a shift plate for our year cars. I love the look of them. If anyone knows someone who sells them, please post it's location!

    By shift plate, I mean something like this.

    I love the look of them. I would want it black though. But if it's chrome, I don't care. I can always paint it.

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  2. How exactly would that mount up?
  3. The one in the pic won't work. Too small. I was just using that picture as an example. I didn't know the "technical" name for it. I guess it's called a "shift pattern plate".

    I would assume some drilling/custom brackets would be necessary, but :shrug: I have no clue!

    I thought SOMEONE would know where to get one. I have been searching the web, but to no avail.
  4. a gated shifter would be the idea where to get one. as if the 2-3upshift isn't hard enough to hit.
  5. No kidding! My friend drove my car, and he couldn't find 3rd to save his life. I finally made him pull over after he hit the rev limiter in 1st! ASS!

    That pissed me off! No more people driving my car!!!!!

    I wouldn't want the "gated shifter" to interfere with the shifting process. The shifter shouldn't even touch the gates. If it did, I would grind it down until it didn't. 3rd isn't easy for me either, even with 3 months driving practice.

    I will do a search for a gated shifter and see what I get!
  6. Anybody know?????? Still looking!!!

    Guess it's time to make my own!
  7. I saw a universal one (5 speed too) on ebay about a month ago... not sure if it woulda worked... but I have seen a 5 speed out there...

    -btw, I used to always hate 3rd, then I got a Pro 5.0, and w/ new fluid and taking about 4 hours because I was so meticulous about the instalation, I love my 3rd shift now... only missed it once... and that was just while cruising.
  8. Yeah, the pro 5.0 shifters are a necessity. I shift soooo slow compared to a friend of mine w/ the short shifter. He has gears too, so he actually gets to 4th gear in the q/m.