Shifter Raddles Really Bad??

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  1. When I accelerate out of a gear my shifter will raddle really bad..I think its gotten a bit worse in the past few days its kinda hard to tell..also there this humming noise coming from underneath me when im driving its like on and off throughout nuetral and through gears.... im kinda more worried about the raddling..even when its idleing it will vibrate a bit and it isnt just the knob..any suggestions?? this really scares me :/..just bought my first mustang and i love it but this is the ONLY problem
  2. Could be a number of things. Have you checked your transmission mount for play? Does it shift smoothly minus that shifter knob rattle?
  3. Is the shifter handle loose? Is it the stock shifter?

    Since this is your first Stang I am going to assume you don't know what shifter you have. The bezel surrounding the shifter just pops straight up. Slide your fingers under the upper portion of the bezel on both sides and gently pull up until it pops the tabs out. Then move to the bottom and do the same thing. Be careful and just pull until the tabs pop loose.


    There is a rubber boot over the shifter held in with 4 bolts. Pull it off. Take it for a drive and see what you can find out.

  4. And look, I found the beach in my console! Here you can see what I have been cleaning out of my car. The previous owner must have lived on a dirt road and drove it with the top down. I am replacing my shifter boot and this rubber boot today so I just thought I would snap some pics for you. Replacing a worn boot here will quiet the noise down in the interior.
  5. i would check both your trans and motor mounts. if you have excessive drivetrain vibrations it could be from them.