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  1. hi
    any ideas on a shifter change for a 2001 bullitt,the one that came from the factory drives me crazy,or maybe im just used to driving a truck with a long shift.i really have trouble with this small shifter.any ideas on a good change..
  2. Seems like the names that come up the most are Pro5.0 and MGW. Bullitt #0005 has the Pro5.0 and I like it. Those people who have the MGW shifters swear by them. There are others on the market also. Pretty much anything will be quicker and more solid than the factory shifter. The other thing you can get is a different shifter handle. You can order a numbered shifter ball for your Bullitt from MRT, here is a link...


    Hope this helps...John
  3. I have the setup like this one, its a MRT short throw shifter (built by Steeda) with a T-handle and stick from Jegs $85.00
    The round boot is from a 1975 Ford p/u application still available in the parts system (fits perfect) $45.00

    I have part numbers somewere in my notes if your interested...

    attachment.php?attachmentid=2077&stc=1&d=1152241433 attachment.php?attachmentid=2078&stc=1&d=1152241433
  4. I'd be interested in the part number for that boot. It fits so well it looks like it was designed for the Bullitt console....John
  5. D5TZ-7277-A

    I've seen your post on IMBOC

    enjoy #0005

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  6. Thanks for the part # Bullitt2343. I have an MRT numbered shifter ball ordered but I like the setup you have and may round up the parts for when I am in the "retro" mood.
    As for #0005, it is everything I had hoped for and more. My quailty of life went way up the day I brought her home......:D John