Roush Shifting Question 2004 Roush

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by gbc1988, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Hi There,

    My Dad just bought a 2004 Roush Mustang. It is the 40th anniversary addition, Stage 3 I believe (379 horse). This car seems very difficult to shift, it is nothing like his 2000 GT (or any other standard I have driven). It is difficult to find gears when attempting to shift, sometimes the stick just seems to float around, and I can't find a gear to shift into (not fun when trying to downshift on a highway).

    So, can someone tell me is this just normal for this car? Maybe there is something wrong, or I am just out of my league. :^)

  2. Not normal. Does it have the ROUSH Shifter?
  3. Well it may be your just not use to the Roush Short throw which it probably has. When i first drove mine i thought the same thing. Drive it around for a day or two and see if you say the same thing. If you still have trouble then perhaps your tranny could be going bad, or clutch OR if it does have the roush shifter it has set points that allow it to move forward and back. May need adjusted....
  4. Sorry to be late getting back...but it was not normal. Apparently, a bolt (or pin) came out where the shifter connects to the linkage (?). Fixed and works great! What a car! Thanks for the replies.