Ship Mustang Parts to Canada? No Problem!

Discussion in 'Late Model Restoration' started by LRSjmac, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Here at Latemodel Restoration Supply we pride ourselves, above all, on the superior service that we provide our customers. Are we always perfect? Of course not! But I can guarantee we do strive for perfection in all that we do. Here is another example of how we are working to meet the needs of our customers from all over the world.

    Ask any one of our customers (or any other companies customers!) north of the U.S. border if it is easy to get parts and supplies from the U.S. and I am sure you will be met with a lack luster response. We feel their pain as well as hear about it! The most common complaint from our Canadian customers has been the taxes, duties and brokerage fees charged as COD (Cash On Delivery) at their door. These fees are added after the parts leave our warehouse and although we may be able to get close, we have not been able to accurately predict what these up charges would be. As you can imagine, if you don't pay these fees, you don't get the parts! Well we say, "No More"!!!!

    We are pleased to let all of our Canadian customers know that we appreciate your business and we have been listening. As of October 11, 2010, Canadian shipping will be changing for the better! Brokerage fees, provincial taxes, & duties will all be calculated & included in your order total. This will all be done up front so that you know the exact amount before your order leaves our Texas warehouse. When your order ships from Latemodel Restoration Supply, the order total you receive is the final price. No more surprises at your door! How is this possible, you ask? Well, we are absorbing your brokerage fees for starters. Then, we worked with UPS to come up with the proper calculation for taxes & duties so we can include those costs in the order total as well.

    This final price is available to you online, as well as when you call in to our order center. So, Canada, order with confidence and know that Latemodel Restoration Supply is working to take care of you!