Shipping for large car parts?

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  1. Hi everybody! I have trying to see if there are companies that ship large auto parts (body Parts) for a good price? I have a hood (Im in TX) that I need shipped up North. Can anyone help me out? I dont even know if I would have to box it....or crate it or what. Or if one of the major postal carriers would ship it..
  2. UPS should be able to ship it.....
  3. Ups wont ship a hood .. It probabbly have to be shipped frieght via 18 wheeler.
  4. try greyhound. I shipped a bumper via greyhound across the country for around $50 IIRC.
  5. Im in the same boat with some seats i will have to ship....hard part is probably packing it all up good....I heard you can UPS freight it or something like that
  6. Wardrobe boxes work well for seats. Another tip is to get a fedex account - 15% off shipments when you prepare them online.

  7. If you break the Seats down and box them seperate, the shipping is not bad at all through UPS.
  8. well I drive for fedex freight and I must say that we might be more expensive but it will get there on time and in one piece. I've worked for some other LTL carriers and let me tell you couldn't ask for better. Now before the flame war begins about how fedex screwed up my package this is for FEDEX FREIGHT not ground, express,etc. This is only my opinion and based on my experience's.

  9. I shipped a sln wing and trunk at the post office, just make sure it's covered....