SHM 6.0 L aluminum blocks!!!!

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  1. Gotta admit, though. A 6.0L N/A mustang would be sweet.

    Also, why would it be futile to put on 2V heads? Is it because they would be a cork on a block that size?
  2. A block that will handle 2500 hp that weighs less than 100 lbs, can handle making 2500 hp. To a racer , that is expensive but worth the $$$ in the long run. Why spend $ 2000 on a Dart block for a pushrod engine, then spend $ 1500 in machine work to make the rotating assembly fit, then you have to buy the rotating assembly, heads intake......etc. you end up with $ 10,000.00 + to have an engine that performs and lasts. Mod motors are not much more expensive than others , just different. You are correct. You do have to pay to play, with the big boys anyway. You can get a lot out of the mod motors and still be real street friendly. :D
    This is off the subject a little and I 've said it before. If you have modded your car to around 250-270 rwhp., have gears, ....go ahead and spend your next
    $ 1000 -$ 1500.00 on axles and suspension. you will see the performance gains. :flag:
  3. Now they need to design a intake manifold.
  4. :stupid:

    Why don't they make a 7.0L motor? Then you can bust out some sick 427 flags :D

    That's way too much for a block for your average owner, but it'll be awesome for those who can actually afford it. Personally I'd be happy to invest that coin in a Cobra Killer kit and use forced induction. :banana:
  5. typical overpriced SHM the money you dont need a block that can handle 2500 hp because never going to have heads that can flow enough to put out anywhere near 1000 hp much less 2500 hp. Waste of money and anyone who buys one i think is just looking for ways to blow money on their car.

  6. do you realize that motor will probably make 500 ft/lbs of torque n/a?
  7. Boss 330 made 500hp/470torque from a 5.4L navigator motor DOHC heads with a custom intake.


  8. yeah, i've got nothing against 6.0L. i'd love to have it. but your talking about $7k+ for a shortblock. then you need a custom intake, heads, and computer management on top of that. now if you are rich and going all out, that is the way to go.

    it would be futile to put 2V heads on it because our heads don't even flow good enough for our 4.6L. P&P 2V heads (about 225cfm intake) flow less than 4V heads straight from the factory (about 260cfm intake). it's not as important (although still important) on forced induction cars, but it's the most important factor along with rpm in N/A cars.

    i'm not trying to be negative about the block, it's just that for the vast majority of us, it's not a practical means ($$) for making power.
  9. if i were building a purpose built race car to run drag radial or sso or something then i would bite the bullet and buy a 6.0L 4v longblock from them
  10. I agree on the SHM price part. I'm not rich either, but if you want something bad enough you will scrape the money up to get it... I don't want the block because it can take 2500hp, I want it because it's light weight and I can have 3.70/3.75 bore 5.4L. You take a set of Navi heads and CC them out to a 3.70/3.75 bore and that unshrouds the valves. It's been done on 3.70 4.6L's and with impressive results.

    Navigator heads can support the airflow needed on a 6.0L. I think Randy Haywood used stock Navi heads on his 7sec SSO car. Go do a search on modularfords if you don't believe it. Edit, he bought 3 of these blocks!

    As for intakes for the 6.0L, Modular Performance EFI Spyder for $599 and it will support 6.0L. The money saved right there can be applied to the block. If you went n/a then you'd also recoup that cost as well, and you know a 6.0L can make some big n/a power with a DOHC and rpm. Think about it, people spend $3,000-$3,500 on custom intakes. $4,000 on blowers, $6,000+ on turbo kits. A big bore block isn't for everyone at that price, but neither are $6,000+ turbos on 4.6L's. If it were then everyone would have a turbo.

    You can take any two engines of the same design build them exactly alike with the only exception being this bigger bore block that makes 6.0L (comparing to a 4.6L and a 5.4L) Which do you think will make more hp/tq? For someone looking for the edge on the next guy with a potent setup, this is the ticket!

    It's all about what you want, have the time, and money for folks. If it's not for everyone, just like turbos and blowers aren't.
  11. Do you even have the slightest clue?

    Then why has Mihovitz run sub 6's at over 200mph in his 5.4 mod motored racecar. What about Granatelli running a 7.12 @ about 200mph. As stated earlier, Randy Haywood is running 7's with Navi Heads. What kind of HP do you think it takes to run those kind of numbers. Can you say around 1800 or so????

    If you don't think it can be done, then put your head back in the sand.

    As for the rest of the ignorance on this statement about it being overpriced, you have no clue what a real race engine costs to build do you.

    I can show you a set of Yates heads off my buddies Pro 5.0 car where he has over $12K invested in heads alone. WTF do you think it takes to build a race engine, which is exactly what this block is meant for.

    Sometimes, when I think you are starting to learn a little and offer up something real, you take three steps backwards. Put your fingers back in your pockets a little more often instead of the keyboard, and learn something.
  12. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: So tired of people trying look for problems in my posts jesus. I'm talking about your average person that doesn't want to put 250,000 in their automobile for a quick run down the track and have crap fall apart :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  13. I sure would love to have one of those. Anyone know off hand how much the stock block ways?
  14. A 6.0L modular with cobra style heads and twin turbos............:drool: :drool: :drool:...............:eek:
  15. Hey man, I wasn't picking at your post, I only was trying to explain my point of view on why I see the block is a useful thing for us all who want to save weight and want more bore/cid. :nice:

    Modular strokers for the 5.4L aren't my thing because they already havea 4.165 stroke and pistons speeds at 7,200 rpm are crazy. Longevity and rpm are both decreased in a stroker 5.4L also. The best way to do it would be a big bore, not to mention the benefits of unshrouding the valves. So that makes the 6.0L block worth it to me. I'll post again later...

    <yawn> tired :bang:
  16. No one needs to look for problems in your posts, they just tend to stick out like a sore thumb to people who know what is what.

    Let's examine your previous post. . . OK?

    1. Typical overpriced SHM products.

    SHM pricing might not seem justified to you or others, but many people beleive in what they are doing and how they do it, so to them paying the extra $$$ might be worth it.

    In this case, since they are the ones spending the $$$ to offer a block of this relevance, and are the only ones on the market with a modular block that can take 2500hp, then they deserve to price it anyway they want. It is called capitalism. Supply and demand.

    2. save the money you dont need a block that can handle 2500 hp because never going to have heads that can flow enough to put out anywhere near 1000 hp much less 2500 hp.

    You are right on part of this statement, most people should just save thier money, because a block like this is overkill for anything that is used as a grocery getter, daily driver or even weekend playmobile.

    The second part is where you show you have no frigging clue and should have stopped with the above. I named three cars that can generate more then enough air flow to reach double your less than 1000hp numbers.

    3. Waste of money and anyone who buys one i think is just looking for ways to blow money on their car.

    Tell that to the people building serious race cars. I'd like to see you go right up to John Mihovitz and tell him how stupid he was to invest in this block.

    You looked at something that is not meant for you or the average enthusiast and run your fingers across your keyboard quicker then you could analyze exactly what this was intended for . . . Racers.!

    End of story.
  17. For once I agree with kirky. The only people who NEED this block are funny car racers lol.

    If you had the cash spare and like to have piece of mind of all that extra strength for a road car, the why not, it's money, it's meant to be spent.
  18. I believe stock 4.6 block is 88lb. 39kg. Stock 5.4 block is more though, cos it is iron.
  19. The 4.6's are iron as well, except for the N/A DOHC's (old Cobra, new Mach 1).