Fox Shock Choices???????????

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  1. i have kyb gas-a-just shocks on my 90 gt right now and i NEED to get rid of them. i bought them brand new and within a week one died so i had to put my only good old one back on just to get around. what are my choices that are worthwhile? the car is my daily driver but i also want them to be very good at launches....what should i get?
  2. I want a set of Tokiko Blues for mine. When you get yours, order me a set too. :nice:
  3. Depends on budget. If you're just trying to bump up in quality, maybe Koni Str.t shocks/struts. Mine match well my H&R sport springs.
  4. well ive got stock height springs with adjustable lowers raised all the way up (my opinion a muscle car should be raised in the back but to eaches own, also have a 15" sub and battery in the back so need the extra lift anyway) so i need to make sure that they will work.

    the gas a justs seemed to handle alright but quality in the build is low but you get what you pay for i guess as they are cheap

    and budget wise..........none really i can save up to what is necessary once they will last and like i say be good street/strip
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  5. Had a set of tokiko blue struts put on my vert and like them so far, had KYBs on the old car for years with no problem.
  6. Don't have any problems with mine.
  7. Tokico blues here too. Great all around performance, pretty forgiving ride.
  8. On the 95 I have kyb gas all around w ford racing progressive springs no probs and nice ride. Not very many miles on em though. On the 90 I have strt's on the rear and old crap on the front. Life through a curve ball n the 90 hasn't had much attention lately bet she needs, suspension being a biggie. Has eiabach sportlines n rides like a chuckwagon. If it had the frogs done w koni strt as well I'd be able to give a better comment on the ride but as far as price goes I think they're the next step up from the kyb's
  9. I have strange struts and shocks all around they are a great shock built with good quality and reasonable pricing too
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  10. I run the strange 10 way adjustable fronts and qA1 adjustable in the rear and no complaints here either
  11. 10 way adj strange struts/shocks on mine. Just switched from eibachs. Love the strange's adjustability. Can dial it in for street or strip
  12. i was thinking about the strange but was slightly scared cus its a small company but if yall say their good
  13. Small but known everywhere in the race community ive talked to them over the phone and they are a bunch of nice people and can answer all your questions
  14. i run tokico blues and b-springs, probably not the best launching (theyre made more for sporty handling), but it rides pretty good, and theyre not too expensive.
  15. I'm probably the only person in the world that runs stock (not by choice).
  16. If y0u have the money, then Tokico D or Biltstein adjustables. That being said I just bought a set of Tokico Blues. I've been very happy with them in the past and they are a good all around shock. Hard to beat for the money.
  17. You would... ;)
  18. For you guys w adjustsables. How often are you adjusting those ten way bad boys really?
  19. I've read alot of good post on Strange shocks in rear and now starting to see alot about QA1's. Which is better launch and hook? Just curious