Fox Shock Choices???????????

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  1. I just got mine in and am experimenting to find the right settings. When I get it dialed in I'm assuming have 1 setting for street and 1 for strip
  2. How much you adjust the shocks at the track would depend on track prep and tire choice let alone basic chassis set up. On the street you will find that one sweet spot that works great for DD. Otherwise, you really do not use the adjustment much at all. The best thing about adjustable shocks, is that it is like buying upwards of 10 different shocks (or more) at once. You do not have to worry about buying the "wrong" shocks, or ones that don't do what you want them to do.
  3. I see
  4. I put my yellow Koni's on a year and a half ago, set the rebound the first few days of driving and haven't touched them since.
  5. I have coil over shocks on the back and choose the qa1's. my rear suspension is far from stock although I've seen them used on a more stock setup successfully. As far as adjustment goes, it's not something that gets played with often but is warranted to be able to make the proper initial adjustment.
  6. coilover setup here with QA1's
  7. Coil overs are a pretty big jump from kyb gas adj
  8. depends on how far you wanna jump. UPR coilovers are pretty wallet friendly
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  9. so if I wasnt going with coilovers which would you recommend? Strange adjustable or QA1 adjustable?
  10. I liked the strange product better. After investigating they had a better track record. But QA1s are a good product also
  11. I loved my Strange shocks/struts with B springs. The car rode great on the street and the adjustability was very noticeable within two to three clicks.
  12. Google "UPR coilover noise". You get what you pay for. Either go MM or don't go coilover at all IMO.
  13. zero issues here
  14. The Strange 10-ways are good budget shocks.

    Google Brian Mitchell, Chris Escobar, or Chris Little.
  15. I took a look at the Strange pieces, the prices are extremely reasonable, front and rear. $120 & $70.

    I was going to order a set but ran across a part number issue and couldn't decide which P/N to order. I have the SN95 Disc brake conversion using the 95 spindles on my 86GT. I wasn't sure if I should buy the 1995 p/n pieces or 93 era parts. They don't show any Part Number for the 1986 in OEM form for the struts.

    There must be some difference...
  16. Call the guys at UPR. They can help you out. If it were me, I would go with the Fox specific struts.
  17. I was thinking about giving Strange a call in the morning. If I get no mod info from them, I'll try UPR, I know those guys... Thanks
  18. iirc, the oem shafts are different lengths (sn longer), but dont quote me on'll want the fox stuff either way. i dont think you'll see too many aftermarket companies making different ones for these two applications

  19. I figured there must be something different, hence the separate part numbers. I hope it's just the length issue, but I was surprised to see that they didn't have a part number listed for the 86GT - something must be different there also..... ???

    EDIT: 87 - 93 Struts on an 86 Mustang

    I did some research and discovered: Most 79 - 86 Mustangs come with a 1" wide spindle spacing that mates to the front strut.

    v8 87 - 93 cars come with a 3/4" spindle spacing. 4 cylinder cars retained the 1" spindle spacing like the 79-86 years.

    A lot of aftermarket strut suppliers will make their struts with the 1" spacing and will provide spacer bars in the package to make up the 1/4" difference when being used on the 87-93 cars.

    Options for you 79-86 cars: Upgrade your spindles and rotors for a wider range of parts selection and a bit better braking performance as well...
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