Fox Shock Choices???????????

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  1. Didn't want this thread to die until I figure out what I'm going to buy.

    Mike, I have been reading a lot about the strange 10 ways. Wanted to pull the trigger on them but got some negative info on them.

    Some folks talking about them making noise when being used with CC plates, citing the fact that the shafts on the 10ways are .10mm small than the normal strut market shaft.

    One guys says Strange told him that the noise was coming from inside the strut at the valve, and they refunded his money.

    Have you noticed any noise form yours?

    I'm going to try to pull some of the other guys back in on this question...

    Thanks Mike

  2. A5LiterMan, are you running CC Plate with your strange 10 ways? I just asked MikeH686 (above) some questions about his that I'd like to here your thoughts on as well.


  3. 84Ttop, are you running CC plates with your strange 10 ways up front? I just asked Mike a few question about possible noise running the strange 10 ways. Can you comment on this?

  4. Nope never had the noise i have upr cc plates and they had bushings and all i mean if it was smaller then the bushing it was minute but i never had noise

  5. Thanks Mike.

    Funny things happen out there in STANG world... lol I was reading stuff about noise coming from the 10 ways starting way back. I believe some of the cases were back in 2009. Not sure when they started making them... I would think that if it were an issue with a valve internally, Strange would have corrected it by now.

    Dang! The price is right! but as always, it's best to research as much as you can before you buy.
  6. Yes I am. Max Motorsports cc plates. UPR bump steer kit and still have the eibach springs in it. I'm pulling those and I think I'm going to put coil overs in. Now that cold weather is here I've kinda lost the motivation to do it. Probably wait until spring. And I have no noise issues. I really like them
  7. Yes very good price you gonna go coilover i cant remember

  8. Good to know your setup. I'm still piecing my project back together, an 86gt vert. What year is your car? Your Avatar shows what looks like an 85 or 86.

    I have BBK CC Plates slated for install when I get to that stage. I'm doing the SN95 brake conversion and will change out the struts and shocks at the same time. I may consider looking into the MM CC plates being that I'm not at that stage yet. I am hoping to eliminate an issues of mixed matched parts - incompatibility. A lot of the time its hit-or-miss.

    I hear you on the winter set-in. It can take some momentum out of your upgrade projects. Fortunately I don't have to deal with the cold, but I do run into seasonal issues here in South Florida; the heat just gets to you, especially if you're working in an open garage. I tend to wait until the fall to get heavy into my projects. Good thing is, I have up till around April - May to get it all done in descent temps.

    UPR bump steer kit: I am still contemplating and researching whether I will be demanded to install this mod. I was hoping to retain my stock 86 A-arms, but read on one sight that stated I would not be able to retain them with my 5lug conversion - so much miss-information out there with these swap mods. Did you keep stock A-arms? LMK, Thanks.

    No Mike, I am not planning to run coilovers, though I have a set that I am selling: D&D Motorsports pieces, Blk. I won't need the weight reduction as much as I will need the DD strength.

    I got a new set of 18" SVE Drifts that I am fitting to my car, so I don't think I will be lowering it. Ready to cross the bridge of fender cutting on the 86 if needed along with fender splat mod. I saw a guy cut them and re-fiberglass them to work with 91up fenders...
  9. I would try rolling the fenders before cutting them
  10. I have an 86 also but I'm still 4 lug.

  11. I will more than likely end up doing some level of fender rolling. The cutting issue that I'm talking about is a result of the pre 90 fender openings being smaller, especially at the splats.
  12. I'm running 17x9 cobra r's with 245/45/17 sumitomas on mine and they don't rub the fender. FYI
  13. But it is close and an 18" rim is questionable. Def need some massaging

  14. Good to know. Tire choice seems to critical as well.

    I have been researching these wheels for a while now. I see guys that have run them, but none are 4eyed cars. I guess I'll be the G-pig on this one....
  15. Do they rub against your shocks?
  16. Nope. Have no problems at all. Have had the wheels and tires on for 18 months. Just got the new struts on few weeks ago. Had eibach struts on before these strange 10 ways without a problem. The eibachs are sitting in my garage before I sell them. I liked them also. They are just to stiff for drag racing
  17. Dang. Mine are cutting into my shocks :nono:
  18. I would advise against using alum CC plates, especially with coilovers. They are simply not strong enough and will bend and distort. That is why MM does not make them in aluminum. Over the years on my cars and in my research I would look at the MM, Team Z, or Racecraft CC plates in that order. MM parts may be more expensive, but IMO they are the top quality and offer superior performance.

    Also, I would suggest a google on issues with UPR coilovers before you buy them. Their pieces tend to be one size fits all shock, resulting in clunking and rattling noises. Other manufacturers like MM make their coilovers for specific shocks. Again, you get what you pay for.
  19. Rim size doesnt matter just the overall size of the tire as well as your backspacing
  20. Late to the party hear but no noise to speak of from the setup I have. I am running aftermarket cc plates as well but thebheck if I can remember the brand.