Shocks and Struts

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  1. Hey guys, so I got new Steeda control arms installed along with an entirely new differential package in the rear. The car feels much better although I suspect in this particular instance it has more to do with the new tires (Yokohamas) than the control arms. I would like to be proven wrong, but that is just my gut feeling so far.

    I was planning on putting in new front and rear shocks which I was going to buy off the Steeda site, but I have run into several issues.

    Issue list:

    1) My suspension has been lowered by about an inch by a previous owner (he's the guy who went nuts with the Steeda mods...not complaining, but he did:flag: )

    2) If I don't get adjustable shocks, will this be an issue. As far as I know, all the shocks were and have been stock, this guy didn't touch those.

    3) I was planning on getting Koni shocks for the front and Tokicos for the rear, simply because I heard Koni is superior and that the front shocks are more critical than Tokico shocks, but Tokicos are cheaper, and I'd like to put in new rear shocks as well.

    4) On Steeda's website, Koni does not offer front shocks, just front struts. Tokico on Steeda's website does offer front shocks and front struts.

    Which one should I invest in (assuming money is an issue) : Struts or Shocks for the front?

    Koni Stuff on
    Koni Adjustable Shocks - '87-'04 Mustang
    Tokico stuff on
    Tokico High Performance Struts & Shocks - '87-'04 Ford Mustang

    OR should I go for the Illumina Tokico stuff?
    Tokico Illumina 5-Way Adjustable Struts - '87-'04 Ford Mustang

    I'd appreciate any and all advice, thanks guys, cheers!
  2. I have no experience with any of those brands as far as struts and shocks go. However, their listing for a "Front shock" is a typo. 578-TOHB3140 is actually a front strut for a 94-04. There is no such thing as a front shock on a Mustang. The strut is actually a shock but it is called a strut because it support some of the vehicle load and alters the steering/handling response. Big difference from a shock. Shocks also only have a single bolt on the bottom which allows it to pivot and be mounted at different angles. Struts have 2 bolts and does not allow movement on the bottom side. Instead the spindles do the moving.
  3. Great, thanks for the headsup and the response MustangLX :)