Suspension Shocks And Struts

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ADRENLN, May 5, 2013.

  1. what are you guys doing for suspension as far as shocks and struts?I'm going with the Steeda Springs and looking forgood but inexpensive shocks and struts to go with the springs. would the bullet shocks and struts work II think I remember some guys using it
  2. for now I am using strange shocks and coil over kit from upr, handling is good, but some noise coming out from them because there is no rubber parts
  3. I ran Strange 10-ways on my daily driven 2004 GT. They worked well, and didn't make any noise on my car.
  4. I actually bought take offs from an 04 GT. Someone local still had a stock pile with less than 10 miles, so I bought a set of 4 for about $70. Price was right and best of all, they are factory fit, finish and quality. Now that these cars are a bit older, I am certain there's nothing like that available anymore (and I would have second thoughts about storing them that long). I may have to consider replacement in the next 20-30k miles though. That was 4 years and 55k miles ago.
  5. I'm on my second set of Tokico blues (HP Series). The first struts had blown out because I'm lowered about 2 inches in the front. Now that I'm on the second pair of Blues, the driver side one has blown out again. I'm going to try a set of Konis next, but ones made for the Foxbody as they are about an inch shorter. That might be better for my setup. Good luck with your choice, and let us know what you end up going with.
  6. So I guess that its safe to say the tokicos suck since they blow out?. Do any of you use the ebach pro damper kit for shocks and struts. I would be using with steeda springs
  7. Btw the steeda springs drop about 1 1/4 inches
  8. In my experience, yes. I just picked up a set of these ( and I'm going to install them next week. Hopefully they last longer. They are Fox struts so they are 1 inch shorter, so hopefully they don't blow out as easily.
  9. Im running Tokico Blues and love them, of course my Mustang isn't lowered at all.
  10. I have the Eibach Pro Dampers along with Eiback Pro Kit springs. I like them. They are firm enough, but don't jar your teeth out.